Facts About Arthritis and Vasculitis

Rheumatoid Arthritis and vasculitis can often appear in conjunction with one another due to the fact that arthritis is an immune system disease that can cause damage to blood vessels, causing vasculitis.  When rheumatoid arthritis attacks blood vessels vasculitis can often result, causing visible damage to the skin.  While this has not been proven those with vasculitis often already have arthritis, hence the conclusion therein.  Vasculitis can be a symptom of an immune system disorder, while rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system disorder.  This cause and effect relationship is the hallmark of a patient having both disorders at once.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an immune system disease that affects the joints of a person’s body initially and then has the potential to move into the organs.  While most people think that arthritis is exclusively responsible for aches and pains in all actuality it is much more than that.  Arthritis causes a patient’s immune system to act against their body, causing damage to various systems and even organ failure (possibly death).  Joint pain is the primary symptom many think of when considering whether or not someone has arthritis.  Rheumatoid Arthritis has no known cure, it is treated by either suppressing a patient’s immune system with medications or treating the symptoms caused by arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA is the most painful and sometimes deadly form of arthritis because of the immune system malfunction that occurs within a patient’s body.  Organ failure and other problems that arise from an immune system disorder are often life changing events, this is why those with RA should stay up to date on what the disease is doing so that they can receive the proper medical care.  Lupus can occur alongside RA causing hair loss, renal failure and respiratory problems.

Furthermore the more serious disorders attributed to arthritis and other less serious (although extremely painful) disorders such as gout fall under the umbrella of arthritis.  Gout may not be life threatening (as RA can be), however it can be debilitating in light of the fact that it can cause joints to swell to the point that they cannot be used, rendering some immobile since gout often occurs in the feet.  Psoriasis is another form of arthritis and much like RA is an immune system disorder than causes a body’s immune system to attack its own cells.  Psoriasis can eventually lead to psoriatic arthritis, causing pain in skin and joints as well as organ damage.

Arthritis is the most common disabling disease in the US.  There are over 20 million people living with the pain of arthritis every day.  Arthritis is the number one reason for lost wages and medical visits to free clinics, it is the most expensive and common chronic illness in America.  Many of those who develop arthritis no longer wish to work or leave their homes, often they apply for Social Security or other social programs.  Arthritis is a condition that if cured the whole world would stand to benefit, a good deal of people are guaranteed to develop the condition as they become older.

Tong Luo Kai Bi

Tong Luo Kai Bi to Treat Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is when joints begin to swell, and the pain often times leads to joint pain, swelling and inflammation, reduced mobility, and joint stiffness. To date, there are around 100 or more known types of arthritis. It results in cartilage breaking down, and this is what cushions the joints. When cartilage begins to deteriorate, the joints and bones begin to put pressure o neach other and this is how arthritis begins.

Men as well as women can experience and be faced with arthritis, and there is an estimated 37 million individuals in the USA that have some sort of arthritis. That’s amazing 1 in 7 people who are dealing with it. More and more people are looking for treatments to help even relieve symptoms in the slightest way.

Tong Luo Kai Bi is a form of Chinese medicine, and is an herb that is being used to help with rheumatoid arthritis. It can additionally be known as Ren Da Huo Luo Wan, and is being used to help with reducing and relaxing tendons as well as the body’s muscles. There is not much known about its mechanism of actions yet, but is being seen as an effective treatment.

Manufacturers of this herb recommend taking an average of 1 or 2 pills a day that are no more than 3.6 mg each. There have been clinical studies to test the effectiveness of it and treating arthritis, and while people saw a little bit of relief, there was nothing that helped them become symptom free.

According to the Chinese, there are a few things that can lead to arthritis and they also believe that the organ systems of the body are interrelated, therefore when something happens to one or it become unbalanced, it affects other organs in the body. Therefore, when something such as arthritis affects the body, it will eventually turn into something more and can lead to other syndromes. According to the Chinese, other conditions that can arise from arthritis include trauma, kidney issues, liver imbalances, and much more.

Nowadays, the Chinese have developed many formulas that have been said to help with treating and eliminating discomfort and swelling in the joints. The Chinese have been creating formulas such as Tong Luo Kai Bi for centuries and they have been some of the most effective methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis.

Arthritis can be severe in some cases and minor in others, but if not treated or dealt with, it can lead to something more serious. There are a few tests that your doctor can do to help determine if you have arthritis and can help determine a treatment plan for you. More and more people are beginning to see the benefits that Chinese herbs and other supplements can do for your pain and discomfort.

Tong Luo Kai Bi has been one of these effective Chinese herbs that was tested several centuries ago, and to this day still remains one of the effective ways to help reduce the intensity of arthritis.

Thunder God Vine

Thunder God Vine for Arthritis

Thunder God Vine has been known in recent studies to help treat and give relief to sufferers of arthritis. It’s a plant and has been used by the Chinese for centuries. The extracts of this plant are created from the root of the actual plant.

This plant has been used in Chinese medicine, and has helped those who suffer with inflammation as well as an immune system that is overactive. This can include things such as lupus, autoimmune diseases and even rheumatoid arthritis. There are also studies that prove Thunder God Vine to reduce pain in women with menstruation cramps.


Thunder God Vine for arthritis can help relieve the pain you get as well as reducing the amount of inflammation associated in the joints from this condition. It helps to reduce an overactive immune system as well as providing anti-cancer benefits. On top of that, this plant can also help to treat other conditions such as arthritis.

Side Effects

There are some side effects that come with taking this extract and include things such as:

  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Heartburn
  • Hair loss
  • Rash
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Diarrhea

Additionally, for those of you who take it for more than a few years, the density in your bones has been shown to decrease and in women especially. Sperm count is reduced as well over time for men. If you are currently taking any type of immunosuppressive drugs that include things such as prednisone, you should avoid taking Thunder God Vine at all cost.

While the side effects seem a bit harsh and severe, if you have the ability to additionally use non-steroidal as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, you may experience better benefits that those who couldn’t take them.

The homeopathic methods of treating arthritis have taken a turn for the better, and now many people are trying to find methods to help with joint pain and losing their mobility. This is an extract that has been used for hundreds of years for providing relief for arthritis as well as several other things.

If you are planning on taking Thunder God Vine on a daily basis, always talk to your doctor first as while it has been used for centuries, the leaves as well as everything else about the plant besides the roots are poisonous. You should take about 60mg a day of it. Also, if you are pregnant or are nursing, you should avoid using at all cost. Long term use can be done and the dosage for that is 1mg a day for as much as 5 years. If you are an immune compromised person or patient, you too should avoid use.

Thunder God Vine for arthritis can allow you to have relief from arthritis symptoms. When you are using it, always make sure that you are under strict physician supervision and that you talk to them about all of your medications you are taking. While this extract has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, it is not fully researched and proven to fully treat arthritis.

Tennis Elbow

Living With Arthritis Tennis Elbow

The condition known as tennis elbow is the result of arthritis of the elbow through strenuous physical activity, it is not the result of an immune system disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis.  In some cases an immune system disorder such as RA can actually cause the body’s immune system to attack healthy tissue like the cartilage found in the elbow.  Once the cartilage is depleted the only way to relieve pain from tennis elbow is to perform surgery and either transplant cartilage to the area from another part of the body or use a prosthetic “cartilage simulating” implant.

Once you have tennis elbow it can cause tenderness and swelling, and pain so severe it is difficult to move the arm.  Pain management is often necessary in addressing tennis elbow so that the patient can move their arm relatively pain free.  Tennis elbow is not only caused by playing tennis, many different athletic or everyday physical activities can cause it as well.  Most of those who suffer from tennis elbow were either athletes or those who used their arm to perform repetitive motion at work or at home.

During studies medical professionals noticed that many athletes (particularly tennis players) did in fact have tennis elbow, however in many cases it was contingent upon either a player’s overall number of years playing or the presence of a poor technique.  In order to determine whether or not a patient’s cartilage damage is serious enough to warrant a diagnosis of tennis elbow X-rays are performed to make sure that it is not a fracture or arthritis.  The number of tendon injuries over time will determine the likelihood of whether a person has tennis elbow or some other injury.  It is very important to try and avoid repeated injuries to tendons in the arm because they can result in tennis elbow.

Treatment for tennis elbow is vast and varied, depending on how serious the injury in many cases simply resting can alleviate much of the pain.  In addition to resting in many cases doctors will order a series of simple exercises to increase strength and flexibility in the elbow area.  Heat or ice is also a favorite to relax and numb the affected area in an effort to bring comfort to the patient while they heal.  There are also many cases in which soft tissue massage can be useful in encouraging the patient to heal.

There are other treatments to consider however they are considered extreme by many physicians and patients alike.  In some cases an injection of steroids is suggested and will encourage faster healing in the affected area, however if too many steroids are used the fat cells in that area will die leaving a marked area where the flesh appears to “cave in” at the injection site.  Almost 40% of tennis players have reported problems with their elbow and less than a quarter of them were under 45 years old.  Like many other forms of joint problems women found them more troubling than men.

SKI 306X

SKI 306X for Arthritis

Sufferers of arthritis may find relief in a new herbal extract known as SKI 360X. SKI 360X for arthritis may be the relief many people have been looking for, and it is an extract made of 3 herbal medicines. They are used in a few other treatments such as inflammatory conditions, arthritis, and lymphadenitis.

SKI 306X for Arthritis has been tested in labs and has been shown to help with reducing the swelling that is caused from arthritis in various joints such as knees, elbows, back, and ankles among others. It can help prevent any more damage being done to the joints, and if you are looking for it, you will find it being sold in 200 mg capsules or tablets. There have been additional studies done that have shown SKI 360X can help reduce inflammation substances.

There have been a few reported side effects with the use of SKI 306X for arthritis that include getting an upset stomach, heartburn, and these usually subside over time. In regards to taking it while being on other medications, there have been none reported.

If you have arthritis, you know how much of a battle it can be to get around like you used to, and as you age, it just seems to get worse. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are turning to more alternative methods for treating arthritis. Natural supplements such as SKI 306X have been proven to give relief to some of the symptoms.

For those who are dealing and facing osteoarthritis, benefits and relief are good with the use of this herbal supplement. It is well tolerated from the body and there have been studies on patients that have shown they experienced no harsh side effects or worsening conditions. Relief was experienced from arthritis symptoms, and joint mobility was increased.

Using this herbal extract can mean you are now able to get around like you used to be able to and you can also begin to live your life the way you want without being limited to walking or climbing up and down stairs. For some, relief is a miracle as arthritis can get severe over time. Cartilage is deteriorating and that is where the pain comes from.

If your arthritis is severe enough, you can work with them to see about developing a plan to help your pain and discomfort subside a little bit. Along with taking SKI 306X for arthritis, you should get as much rest as you can as well as eating a more well-balanced diet and getting adequate exercise without going overboard.

You can opt for taking certain supplements and aspirin can help with the pain and inflammation. Additionally, chiropractics can help treat arthritis and give you relief you want. For people who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis you may know that simple things cannot be enjoyed as much when you have pain and discomfort. Experience relief once and for all and get relief with SKI 306.

Sjogrens Syndrome

Facts About Sjogrens Syndrome

Sjogren’s disease is an immune system disorder much like arthritis, except that instead of attacking the skin or joints immune system cells attack the exocrine glands.  Exocrine glands are responsible for producing tears and saliva.  This disease affects women far more often than men and it typically occurs in the late 40’s.  It can occur by itself or in conjunction with rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma.  The largest symptom of Sjogren’s is dryness of the mouth or eyes, it can also cause dryness in the skin, vagina and nose.  The disease may also move on to organs within the body like many other immune system diseases.

Sjogren’s syndrome is so close to other immune system disorders in terms of symptoms that it is difficult to distinguish between Sjogren’s and many other immune system disorders.  The Schirmer test is a means of measuring tear production in order to figure out whether or not someone has Sjogren’s, it is conducted with a strip of special paper to measure moisture levels. Testing for Sjogrens orally involves seeing how much saliva production is done by the mouth in a five-minute period.  While it is easy to test for Sjogren’s disease it is unfortunately without a cure as are many other immune system disorders.

In the later stages of the disease a lack of moisture in the eyes can cause serious problems with regard to vision in addition to large degree of pain being experienced with regard to the eyes themselves.  Even eye drops and over the counter forms of moisture do little to halt the lack of moisture from becoming worse over time.  One of the ways to preserve your own natural moisture is to plug the inactive tear ducts so that the moisture remains on your eyes longer.

Since the mouth will inevitably be dry from Sjogren’s having preventative maintenance done on your teeth will help to keep them from being damaged quickly by the lack of moisture. Bacteria are able to replicate themselves much easier in a dry mouth and as a result cavities are caused far more frequently in the mouth of someone that has Sjogren’s syndrome.  Any existing cavities must be treated immediately if a patient tests positive for Sjogren’s disease because otherwise they can worsen and cause tooth loss.  Preventative maintenance of a patient’s body is very important if they test positive for Sjogren’s disease.

Sjogren’s can spread into the body’s organs much like arthritis and other immune diseases.  Unlike other immune system diseases though Sjogren’s does not go into remission so it will cause serious problems to a patient for their entire life.  Pain management and other measures are useful when treating Sjogren’s, however there is no cure and any suppression of one’s immune system leaves the body vulnerable to disease.  Addressing the complications that arise from this disorder are a tricky situation in and of themselves and should be approached with caution.  Make sure to evaluate all of your options during and after your diagnosis and make informed decisions.

Shoulder Pain

Learning About Arthritis Related Shoulder Pain

Shoulder arthritis is a condition that affects the ball and joint of the shoulder that connect the arm bone to the shoulder blade socket causing damage to the cartilage.  The thin layer of cartilage between bones is gradually broken down when there is arthritis present.  Having arthritis in the shoulder area is very common, especially among athletes such as baseball pitchers who use their shoulders more than most people do. Every time this cartilage is used there is less left and over time it is stripped away.

There is an immense amount of pain when arthritis enters the shoulder area because once the cartilage is worn away the bones grind against one another.  The treatments used commonly are aimed specifically at pain management; the only way to replace cartilage currently is through surgery.  Many cannot afford surgery of this type due to its “non-essential” classification many HMOs will not pay for it.  In some cases cryo therapy is used as a compress not only to dull the pain but also slow down the cartilage deterioration.  However there are different types of arthritis that can cause shoulder pain.  Rheumatoid arthritis for instance is a disease of the immune system that causes the body’s immune system to destroy the cartilage.

There is no known cure for rheumatoid arthritis, however there are treatments such as surgery and some drugs that can suppress the immune system.  These drugs leave the body open to other forms of disease.  Furthermore it is also possible to lose the cartilage in your shoulder through accidents (car accidents are common), this is also considered arthritis.  While it may seem like a bleak condition there are methods of pain management that make living with this disease bearable.

In extreme cases of pain your physician may opt to injecting medicine directly into the shoulder to aid in pain management.  It is also possible to have surgery in which a prosthetic ganoid arthroplasty is performed to artificially replace the cartilage.  The most popular form of treatment with shoulder pain however is the utilization of ice to cause numbness and cooling of the skin and reduce swelling.  While some forms of shoulder arthritis are not preventable it is important to remember that it is possible to cause it yourself if you are careful.  Do not overburden or overtax your shoulder or you could find yourself without cartilage.

Shoulder arthritis is very often an athlete’s disease and it shows in those who use their bodies with reckless abandon in their youth.  Taking the time to let your body rest and heal in between strenuous activities is key in avoiding the pitfalls of serious (and lasting) injury later on in life.  Without even the ability to sleep on an affected shoulder someone who has shoulder arthritis faces a lot of complications in life.  As with most other diseases catching the situation early will allow your Doctor to preserve as much of your cartilage as is possible since arthritis is a degenerative disease.


Selenium Helps Relieve Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis affects thousands and millions of people each and every day. It affects the joints, and for some it seems unbearable to even get out of the bed in the morning without every bone in your body cracking. More and more people are looking for ways to help with this pain as well as discomfort associated with arthritis, and selenium helps relieve arthritis for sufferers.

One of the most types of arthritis is knee arthritis. Getting it in the knees is more common as we age and get older, but can happen to anyone. There has been research that shows selenium deficiencies have been found in knee arthritis.

Selenium is what helps to boost your immune system and to also help your body fight off any type of illness or infection. It’s also an antioxidant and will help the body ward off what are called free radicals that often times damage the cells found in the body. Selenium, for that reason, is great for helping to fight signs of aging. Selenium additionally has helped with fighting lung cancer, colorectal cancer, macular degeneration, and many more. The more common diseases as people age can be helped and treated with selenium as we get older.

Selenium has now been shown to even help with arthritis. Arthritis can be severe enough to affect the daily activities of some people. Cartilage is damaged and because this is what cushions the bones, your bones start deteriorating. This leads to a slew of other issues, and joint mobility begins to get worse, and many people find simple chores such as walking up the stairs as a chore.

The University of North Carolina has done research and several studies that have shown selenium helps relieve arthritis for sufferers. Selenium will benefit those with this pain and discomfort because it will help to strengthen your joints and help produce cartilage.

Getting more selenium into your diet is simpler than some may think. The recommended dosage for a day is about 55 mcg and this can be found in a lot of the multivitamins that are on the market nowadays. You can also incorporate more Brazil nuts into your diet. Try and eat these nuts sparingly as 1 ounce of them is going to offer you 544 mcg of selenium. While it’s a good source for your joints, too much of it is going to have reverse affects.

You can also find selenium in turkey. Eating 3 ½ ounces is going to provide you with 32 mcg, and you can now get some benefits other than getting tired from eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Tuna salad gives you 63 mcg of selenium so this is another good one, but in moderation.

Selenium can have benefits to arthritis sufferers over time. Whether you are having symptoms in your knees or in your back, you can help the wear and tear on your joints, and relieve symptoms that keep you from going about your daily activities. Talk to your doctor for more information about how selenium can help you.


Scleroderma and You

Scleroderma much like arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes skin problems such as discoloration, hardening and vascular system disruptions.  The first variation of Scleroderma is known as limited systemic sclerosis, this disease causes deformity in the face, hands and arms.  The other variant is called diffuse systemic sclerosis which can do major damage to the body’s organs.  There is no treatment for Scleroderma itself however there are things can be done to repair or reverse the damage done to organs affected by it.  As long as the disease does not spread to the heart there is little to no chance of a fatality through Scleroderma.

Scleroderma is believed to be a genetic disease since no environmental causes have been identified so far, however the gene that causes scleroderma has not been identified either.  Other immune system diseases such as arthritis have proved to be caused by certain genes.  One’s family history inevitably plays a part in Scleroderma and those with family members who have the disease should notify their physician.  In some cases Scleroderma can cause cellular apoptosis (cell death) in which there can be heavy losses in some bodily systems.  When this occurs the body’s immune system does further damage by rallying T cells to the site of apoptosis.

Scleroderma typically manifests through a thickening of the skin in addition to blood vessel collapse and/or hardening.  The hands, fingers and feet of someone with Scleroderma can also swell up from the disease.  Additional symptoms can include extreme extremity discoloration (white and blue fingers and hands) that can even result in amputation.  Like many other arthritic-type conditions scleroderma is aggravated by cold weather so living in a hot climate is a good idea.  At its advanced stages scleroderma can spread to the organs of a patient causing immense damage.

While rare scleroderma can cause renal failure in the kidneys, this was once a regular cause of death but it now treatable.  If it travels to the lungs scleroderma can cause shortness of breath as well as coughing, shortness of breath and other respiratory problems.  There have been cases in which the esophagus and stomach were damaged to the point of causing acid reflux disease and difficulty swallowing.  Intestinal damage can result in a decreased ability to digest food and possibly anemia.  Carpal tunnel is another common condition caused by scleroderma although it is much less serious than conditions listed previously.

While treatment for scleroderma does not exist (there is no cure) there are treatments available to combat the damage the disease does to a patient’s body.  This ensures that one’s life is not easily cut short by Scleroderma and most of the time those with Scleroderma can lead relatively pain free lives.  The older a patient is the more likely it is that Scleroderma will be fatal, this is due to the fact that older people often have more health problems than those who are young.  This means that the organs are more open to damage and eventual failure from the immune system disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

An Overview of Rheumatoid Arthritis

The condition of rheumatoid arthritis is a disorder that causes inflammation in joints and can also affect one’s organs.  In the long term rheumatoid arthritis causes cartilage damage and pain when breathing.  The cause of rheumatoid arthritis remains a mystery to those in medical field however it is thought that there is some genetic predisposition towards the condition.  The disorder is classified as a systemic autoimmune disease due to the body’s immune system attacking its own cells and organs.

A very small percentage of the world’s population (around 1%) has rheumatoid arthritis.  The typical age when symptoms show for the disease occur when a patient is in their 40’s or 50’s.  For some the disease can be so severe that it causes a disability in the patient to where they are unable to care for them self.  Often it can cause a contracting of the joints in the hand to where it is nearly impossible stretch out one’s fingers.  RA is so serious that it has its own type of doctor, a rheumatologist who specializes in caring for patients who suffer from the disease.   These doctors are also experts in immune system disorders.

There are numerous treatments that can be utilized for symptom suppression and pain management.  Physical and nutritional therapy can be used to increase the body’s overall health and make it more resilient to damage caused by the immune system.  In cases of extreme pain prescription painkillers are used so that the patient can accomplish everyday activities relatively pain free.  Immune system suppression drugs can also be used to counteract the damage someone’s own immune system is doing to their body.  Such drugs however leave that persons body open to infection and other complications.

The pain in joints seen with RA is actually caused by a breakdown of the lining between the joint and the bone, not the joint itself.  Rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis in general are usually associated with aching joints, however this immune system disorder can cause problems within the bodies other systems through organ damage.  There have also been instances of anemia in many of those who have RA, however it is impossible to tell (with current technology) whether the disease is being caused by RA or coincidental.  This is due to the side effects of many drugs used to address the symptoms of RA.

After a while RA spreads to other joints within the body and not necessarily one close to the joint already affected.  RA can also affect the spine to the point of immobilization, if treated early on however it is possible to avoid this reality however it is key to seek out treatment.  RA can also cause fibrosis within the lungs, it is not known however whether the disease itself causes fibrosis or if the condition is a side effect of medications used to treat the patient.  Heart problems can arise from RA and in very rare cases arthritis can move to the eyes causing dryness and severe vision problems, both of these possibilities occur when RA is an advanced state..