Manipulative Therapy

Manipulative Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis, it would seem, attacks wherever there are joints. This means all humans – at least all humans above the age of 55 or so. Well, most of them, anyway. When all else fails, surgery is the way out in modern medical practices. Alternative medicine systems do not require surgery and seek to get relief by other means.

One of the alternative medicines is manipulation therapy for arthritis treatment. Patients who have undergone this form of therapy seem all satisfied with it. It involves manipulation of body parts and their movements, thereby achieving lessening of pain or getting rid of pain. Manipulative therapy for arthritis includes craniosacral techniques, visceral mobilization, strain and counterstrain, connective tissue techniques, massage, mobilization of neural tissue, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release.

Human body consists of muscles and bones and they are attached to each other by tendons and ligaments. It is the muscles that move the body parts, big or small. The muscles, tendons and nerves have all their places of rest and to move in any given way to perform an action. One of the reasons of pain, in an arthritis patient, is when there is misalignment in the general joints area. Manipulation therapy for arthritis aims at re-aligning the misaligned parts by pushing fresh oxygen to there. This helps to facilitate untangling of nerves and reduce pain.

Manipulative therapy for arthritis calls for the “doctors” to palpate the patients in order to find the area affected by misalignment. He/she has to roll the tendons and muscles in such a way as to restore these to their original position. In some cases, help of machines meant for specific purposes are taken to obtain results.  The treatment may take 20 minutes in mild cases. In more severe cases, considerably more time is taken. Results cannot be instantaneous. It is rather a long process.

The basis of holistic approach of manipulative therapy for arthritis lies in the fact that it recognizes the chain reactions that take place in the body as a result of manipulations that the body is subjected to. The manipulations are chosen according to the ailment and its degree of affliction in a given case. All postures of a human body spring from upright position and every manipulation therapy for arthritis is aimed at using different postures to cure the condition. Therapeutic exercises have been devised that have made marked improvement in the therapy and a faster rehabilitation has been made possible.

All different body systems like muscles, soft tissues and joints have been assigned their due importance by nature and they are made use of optimally. Tens of millions of elderly gentlemen seem to be afflicted by some form of arthritis, osteoarthritis being the prime culprit.   While pharmacology offers many different avenues like acetaminophen, opiate analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and tramadol hydrochloride to get rid of pain there are alternative medicinal systems too that are being resorted to by millions of people around the world. Manipulative therapy for arthritis maximum is one of the most beneficial.

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