Use of MSM for Arthritis Pain

Treatment involving MSM for arthritis has been endorsed by such prominent personalities as James Coburn and Robert Culp and that says something about it. Arthritis pain is a major source of discomfort in the elderly and some times, even in young people who become victims due to accidents, malformation or some genetic defects. The pain in joints has caused spawning of umpteen medical relief methods. One of them is the usage of MSM for arthritis pain relief.

How effective is MSM for arthritis treatment?

Methylsulfonylmethane is quite a mouthful and its other names like methyl sulfone or DMSO2 or dimethyl sulfone are not very easy on the tongue either. It is a colorless solid substance and occurs in some plants. It is also found in small quantities in some food items and beverages. It is used as a food supplement and touted as a good remedy for arthritis pain.

Can administration of MSM for arthritis be effective? There is no conclusive proof of this in any experiments though there are at least two studies that suggested that using MSM for arthritis may have something to do with reduction of pain in arthritis patients.  The study showed that some patients had a definite improvement in their conditions but there were also indications that it may trigger headache, stomach upset and complications arising out of it. Research is going on in many laboratories around the world.

Even so, doctors widely prescribe it as a pain reliever. They also, on many occasions, reduce the dosage of prescription medication and substitute it with MSM for arthritis treatment. In some cases, they may even stop the medication and depend wholly on MSM for pain relief. Since sulfur is an all-encompassing element, it is present in all the trillion cells in the body. That means the MSM supplement reaches every cell in the body. All the muscles, tendons, bones, hair and nail get their share of the chemical. And, arthritic joints too get their share and the pain is reduced.

How does treatment of MSM for arthritis pain work?

This variant of sulfur is abundantly made use of by body to form connective tissue. An essential chemical element, sulfur gets destroyed while processing food by modern means and when one eats processed food in large quantities it results in deficiency of sulfur in the body.  Compounds like enzymes, antibodies, hormones and free radical scavengers are affected by paucity of sulfur and any treatment that makes use of MSM for arthritis works as a substitute.

MSM is known to get rid of head trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, scleroderma, arthritis pain and interstitis cystitis. It is MSM that causes permeability in cell walls which enables nutrients’ easy passage into cells and the flow-out of wastes and toxins. This being the case, MSM is a very good detoxifier.

Application of MSM for Arthritis is only to reduce pain by reducing the swelling. When MSM is taken as a food supplement, it produces more insulin. Insulin speeds up the healing of wounds and thereby reduces pain.

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