Non-Antioxidant Vitamins

Non-Antioxidant Vitamins May Help Relieve Discomfort

For those of you who find yourself suffering with arthritis, you may be surprised to learn that there are a variety of non-antioxidant vitamins that can help you. Two important vitamins are D and B, and these two are designed to help with maintaining healthy joints as well as bones. They are additionally one of the most important parts of stimulating the production of proteoglycen which happens to be the main component in the joint cartilage.

Arthritis can become bothersome to many people, and in some cases can get to a point where it interrupts your daily activities. You can get it in your ankles, knees, hands, fingers, and wherever you have joints. Taking these non-antioxidant vitamins can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort that many arthritis sufferers face on an almost daily basis.

As far as taking these vitamins, there has been no concrete information as far as a daily dosage or that it can cure arthritis, but there has been some research that shows a dosage of 3g of vitamins B3, 20mcg of B12, 6 and 400mcg of B9 should be taken.

These non-antioxidant supplements may be of some benefit, and should be taken daily. If you have a more serious case of arthritis, you should talk to your doctor. Vitamin B can have some benefits to those of you who find you suffer with osteoarthritis, especially with helping to improve joint mobility.

As far as these vitamins being safe, there have not been any reported reactions, especially for those who are taking other medications. This is of course with medium intake of these non-antioxidant vitamins. Vitamins that are in the B category are safe, but if you are taking vitamin D in high dosages, this can be toxic over time and should be avoided.

Taking B vitamins are not going to have that type of effect on the body, even when taken in high dosages. Taking a dosage of 250 micrograms every day for 6 months is going to cause an increase of the amount of calcium that is in the blood, which in turn is going to lead to a number of issues such as weakness, having a lack of motivation and energy, severe headaches, and in worst cases, gastrointestinal symptoms.

Vitamin B can be taken in high dosages and there are supplements that will have all of the Vitamin B in one capsule. This can often times be better than taking a different capsule for each vitamin. Taking these non-antioxidant vitamins is a higher choice for some people who need relief from joint stiffness and problems with mobility. Also, talking to your doctor to see if there are other activities or vitamins you can take to help as well. There is no definite cure for arthritis just yet, but there are several things you can do to help deal with the symptoms and discomfort you may feel. Vitamins can be taken daily and are safe for the body as well.

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