Selenium Helps Relieve Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis affects thousands and millions of people each and every day. It affects the joints, and for some it seems unbearable to even get out of the bed in the morning without every bone in your body cracking. More and more people are looking for ways to help with this pain as well as discomfort associated with arthritis, and selenium helps relieve arthritis for sufferers.

One of the most types of arthritis is knee arthritis. Getting it in the knees is more common as we age and get older, but can happen to anyone. There has been research that shows selenium deficiencies have been found in knee arthritis.

Selenium is what helps to boost your immune system and to also help your body fight off any type of illness or infection. It’s also an antioxidant and will help the body ward off what are called free radicals that often times damage the cells found in the body. Selenium, for that reason, is great for helping to fight signs of aging. Selenium additionally has helped with fighting lung cancer, colorectal cancer, macular degeneration, and many more. The more common diseases as people age can be helped and treated with selenium as we get older.

Selenium has now been shown to even help with arthritis. Arthritis can be severe enough to affect the daily activities of some people. Cartilage is damaged and because this is what cushions the bones, your bones start deteriorating. This leads to a slew of other issues, and joint mobility begins to get worse, and many people find simple chores such as walking up the stairs as a chore.

The University of North Carolina has done research and several studies that have shown selenium helps relieve arthritis for sufferers. Selenium will benefit those with this pain and discomfort because it will help to strengthen your joints and help produce cartilage.

Getting more selenium into your diet is simpler than some may think. The recommended dosage for a day is about 55 mcg and this can be found in a lot of the multivitamins that are on the market nowadays. You can also incorporate more Brazil nuts into your diet. Try and eat these nuts sparingly as 1 ounce of them is going to offer you 544 mcg of selenium. While it’s a good source for your joints, too much of it is going to have reverse affects.

You can also find selenium in turkey. Eating 3 ½ ounces is going to provide you with 32 mcg, and you can now get some benefits other than getting tired from eating turkey on Thanksgiving. Tuna salad gives you 63 mcg of selenium so this is another good one, but in moderation.

Selenium can have benefits to arthritis sufferers over time. Whether you are having symptoms in your knees or in your back, you can help the wear and tear on your joints, and relieve symptoms that keep you from going about your daily activities. Talk to your doctor for more information about how selenium can help you.

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