Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims

Hypnosis is usually thought of as some form of esoteric and exotic entertainment by many people.  Some others think it is a lot of duplicity and humbug. You can’t blame them because the shows that show hypnotic acts tend to be that way. There is, however, more to it than just entertainment and duplicity. Hypnotism is increasingly being used as means of curing diseases, alleviating pains, child-birth without the accompanying dreaded labor pains and many other things. One of the many uses of hypnosis is to heal arthritis victims.

How do you use Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims?  Use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims has been in vogue for some time now. A clinical professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation, Joseph Barber, at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle is always using hypnosis to heal arthritic victims. For instance, a patient aged 73 had severe pain in her knee with osteoarthritis. She had been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and unfortunately could not tolerate them.  She sat for three sessions with Dr Joseph and she believed in the power of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims. She was so much better after the treatment and could go about her daily business without any hindrance.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York made an analysis of 900 arthritis cases in 18 studies and came up with the result that use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is to be given its place in the realm of medicine.

How does Hypnosis Heal Arthritis Victims?  Subconscious mind, without seemingly so, regulates all the functions in the body and even adjusts heart rates and blood pressure. The positive energy of hypnosis accentuates the “feel” of the subconscious mind by accessing its inner recesses.

The hypnotist establishes this connection with the patient’s mind and the stress that normally accompanies arthritis pain is gradually removed by suggestions. These suggestions are given ideally when the patient is in a mood to receive them, conditioned by the sleep induced by the hypnotist. In this state, the mind is amenable to suggestions. Muscles get toned and this in turn removes the stress from the painful joints and an increased mobility is facilitated in the joints. The reduction in pain eggs on the patient to become more and more receptive to the suggestions and more he is receptive, the more the cure or alleviation of pain.

Healthy new cartilages grow with the help of chondrocyte production and to stimulate its production, hypnosis is used. After all, it is the subconscious that has power over all actions concerning chemical, hormonal, muscular and circulatory systems. And using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is a natural corollary of all these actions.

Endorphin is a chemical released by body to fully feel goodness in mind and body. Using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims includes regulation of endorphin by controlling its judicious distribution and the flow to the parts that needs the chemical. This has surprising results in that the patient believes that he is rid of pain and in the relaxed mood, what pain there is also disappears.