Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy for Arthritis

Magnets are not only for attracting iron and for myriad other related and unrelated usages like some exclusive operations like magnetic resonance imaging or to make fluctuations in audio speakers. Ancient knowledge about magnets is being revealed in many other ways including in the field of medicines. It is now known that we can make use of magnet therapy for arthritis of various descriptions that inflict man in various degrees.

All magnets have North and South orientation and they attract and repel as the case may be. Human body consists of several “Norths” and “Souths”. A magnet influx can affect these North and South “poles’ within the body in ways that can bring the forces within the body to order and the body parts can be aligned to function the way they are meant to.

Modern medical science looks askance at the magnet therapy for arthritis and other diseases but the practice has been in vogue in many societies around the world since centuries. The simple contention that magnet therapy for arthritis can relieve pain by stimulation of blood circulation does not have any basis in modern medicinal doctrines. To be fair to them, they have had some meticulous experiments done to prove their skepticism of magnet therapy for arthritis.

The Podiatric medicine department of New York College has come up with depressing results when they studied some patients with pain in the heels. They were made to wear footwear with magnetic foil and an equal number of patients were without it. Both groups reported same amount of pain relief. This naturally led to the belief that magnet therapy is of no use at all. The fact, however, is that it does. There are millions of people who follow the tradition of magnet therapy for arthritis relief and they swear by it. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis can all be either controlled or cured by magnet therapy.

There is electricity that is constantly being produced within the body during various physical activities. The electromagnetic fields which go haywire as is their wont during some activities can be realigned by magnets when they are applied to a particular part of the body.

Magnet therapy for arthritis can take many shapes and styles. Magnets can be embedded in bracelets and jewelry. Or, still better, magnets can be molded into bracelets and jewelry. Straps for knees, back, ankles and wrists can be made with magnets. Shoes can be fitted with insoles made of magnets. Mattresses can be interwoven with magnets and so can blankets be. Like the sea can be “demagnetized” by minesweepers to make it safe for the ships that follow the minesweeper, drinking water, in a reverse action, can be “magnetized” to put magnet therapy for arthritis to good use.

The fact that one in 7 homes in Japan and one 10 homes make use of magnets for arthritis therapy, the Americans should wake up to the very reality of its existence and efficacy and go in for it and reap the benefits.