Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy for Arthritis

Magnets are not only for attracting iron and for myriad other related and unrelated usages like some exclusive operations like magnetic resonance imaging or to make fluctuations in audio speakers. Ancient knowledge about magnets is being revealed in many other ways including in the field of medicines. It is now known that we can make use of magnet therapy for arthritis of various descriptions that inflict man in various degrees.

All magnets have North and South orientation and they attract and repel as the case may be. Human body consists of several “Norths” and “Souths”. A magnet influx can affect these North and South “poles’ within the body in ways that can bring the forces within the body to order and the body parts can be aligned to function the way they are meant to.

Modern medical science looks askance at the magnet therapy for arthritis and other diseases but the practice has been in vogue in many societies around the world since centuries. The simple contention that magnet therapy for arthritis can relieve pain by stimulation of blood circulation does not have any basis in modern medicinal doctrines. To be fair to them, they have had some meticulous experiments done to prove their skepticism of magnet therapy for arthritis.

The Podiatric medicine department of New York College has come up with depressing results when they studied some patients with pain in the heels. They were made to wear footwear with magnetic foil and an equal number of patients were without it. Both groups reported same amount of pain relief. This naturally led to the belief that magnet therapy is of no use at all. The fact, however, is that it does. There are millions of people who follow the tradition of magnet therapy for arthritis relief and they swear by it. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis can all be either controlled or cured by magnet therapy.

There is electricity that is constantly being produced within the body during various physical activities. The electromagnetic fields which go haywire as is their wont during some activities can be realigned by magnets when they are applied to a particular part of the body.

Magnet therapy for arthritis can take many shapes and styles. Magnets can be embedded in bracelets and jewelry. Or, still better, magnets can be molded into bracelets and jewelry. Straps for knees, back, ankles and wrists can be made with magnets. Shoes can be fitted with insoles made of magnets. Mattresses can be interwoven with magnets and so can blankets be. Like the sea can be “demagnetized” by minesweepers to make it safe for the ships that follow the minesweeper, drinking water, in a reverse action, can be “magnetized” to put magnet therapy for arthritis to good use.

The fact that one in 7 homes in Japan and one 10 homes make use of magnets for arthritis therapy, the Americans should wake up to the very reality of its existence and efficacy and go in for it and reap the benefits.


Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims

Hypnosis is usually thought of as some form of esoteric and exotic entertainment by many people.  Some others think it is a lot of duplicity and humbug. You can’t blame them because the shows that show hypnotic acts tend to be that way. There is, however, more to it than just entertainment and duplicity. Hypnotism is increasingly being used as means of curing diseases, alleviating pains, child-birth without the accompanying dreaded labor pains and many other things. One of the many uses of hypnosis is to heal arthritis victims.

How do you use Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims?  Use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims has been in vogue for some time now. A clinical professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation, Joseph Barber, at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle is always using hypnosis to heal arthritic victims. For instance, a patient aged 73 had severe pain in her knee with osteoarthritis. She had been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and unfortunately could not tolerate them.  She sat for three sessions with Dr Joseph and she believed in the power of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims. She was so much better after the treatment and could go about her daily business without any hindrance.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York made an analysis of 900 arthritis cases in 18 studies and came up with the result that use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is to be given its place in the realm of medicine.

How does Hypnosis Heal Arthritis Victims?  Subconscious mind, without seemingly so, regulates all the functions in the body and even adjusts heart rates and blood pressure. The positive energy of hypnosis accentuates the “feel” of the subconscious mind by accessing its inner recesses.

The hypnotist establishes this connection with the patient’s mind and the stress that normally accompanies arthritis pain is gradually removed by suggestions. These suggestions are given ideally when the patient is in a mood to receive them, conditioned by the sleep induced by the hypnotist. In this state, the mind is amenable to suggestions. Muscles get toned and this in turn removes the stress from the painful joints and an increased mobility is facilitated in the joints. The reduction in pain eggs on the patient to become more and more receptive to the suggestions and more he is receptive, the more the cure or alleviation of pain.

Healthy new cartilages grow with the help of chondrocyte production and to stimulate its production, hypnosis is used. After all, it is the subconscious that has power over all actions concerning chemical, hormonal, muscular and circulatory systems. And using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is a natural corollary of all these actions.

Endorphin is a chemical released by body to fully feel goodness in mind and body. Using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims includes regulation of endorphin by controlling its judicious distribution and the flow to the parts that needs the chemical. This has surprising results in that the patient believes that he is rid of pain and in the relaxed mood, what pain there is also disappears.


Homeopathy for arthritis sufferers: Make an informed choice

Arthritis is certainly a painful and uncomfortable condition to be in and it is advisable that you exercise a certain amount of caution when you choose the medicine or treatment to overcome the pain and inflammation. Many individuals suggest homeopathy for arthritis sufferers and it definitely is a great way to treat rheumatic as well as osteoarthritis.

Many people have used this technique of treatment and found it effective in dealing with the painful condition. Homeopathy for arthritis sufferers can certainly make a huge difference and can help in treating the stiffness in joints and inflammation.

Homeopathy for arthritis sufferers is a boon when considered the kind of side effects the allopathic medications can cause and homeopathy also helps in regulating and maintain a balance of hormones and enzymes in the body. The believers in this technique have suggested homeopathy for arthritis sufferers for long but the technique started gaining popularity in the twentieth century and has become one of the most popular ways of treating arthritis and other ailments.

The basic concept of this technique is to use naturally derived compounds from animals, plants, minerals and humans to stimulate the organs and glands of the body to release hormones to fight the causes of disease.

The number of believers of homeopathy for arthritis sufferers is growing with each passing day however there are many who believe that this technique is not as effective in dealing with medical conditions as it is projected to be. The reason for this disbelief is the limited number of studies that have been conducted in this domain and the lack of statistical data to prove the effectiveness of homeopathy for arthritis sufferers. The homeopathic medicines are prepared by using the natural compounds and further diluting them to make them potent enough to get the desired results.

The use of homeopathy for arthritis sufferers is not an uncommon practice and this technique is used in many parts of the world however it became popular in the western world quite recently. The theory of using “like for like” in homeopathy for arthritis sufferers means that the compounds which cause the symptoms of arthritis are used in small quantities to trigger the defense mechanism of the body and due to the natural procedure it is not as risky as the other methods.

There are various salts of mineral which are used in homeopathy for arthritis sufferers, there is a popular belief that each mineral triggers a particular gland of the body and these glands in turn release hormones or enzymes to stimulate the defense system of the body.

The effects of these minerals are also considered to be area specific which means that a particular mineral or compound can be used to treat arthritis in a particular joint or joints of a particular part of body. The lack of statistical data and clinical studies might make few people believe that it homeopathy for arthritis sufferers is not effective however your thoughts and beliefs can get shattered if you consider the number of people following or adopting this technique to treat arthritis.

Herbal Medicine

Which is the Best Herbal Medicine to Treat Arthritis?

There are a lot of herbal medicines which can be used effectively to deal with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and this abundance of options can sometimes lead to confusion and you end up thinking about the best herbal medicine to treat arthritis. There are many herbal medicines which can be of great help in treating arthritis and it is advisable that you do some research in order to choose the best herbal medicine to treat arthritis. The list of herbs is endless and many of the herbs can be procured or found very easily thus making it a simple task for you to start the treatment.

The most commonly used herbal medicine to treat arthritis is angelica and it is not uncommon to come across people using this extraordinary herb to curb the pain and inflammation. Devil’s claw is also a great herb which can be used as herbal medicine to treat arthritis. Many people who have used herbal medicine to treat arthritis have reported considerable improvement in their condition and this method of treatment is gaining popularity with each passing day. The use of herbal medicine to treat arthritis is not a new method, it has been in use for centuries and people from every part of the world use some or the other herb to treat arthritis.

Although use of herbal medicine to treat arthritis is not new there are few things you need to be aware of and it is important that you do your homework before starting any such treatment. Not all herbs pose risks to your health however there are few which can cause some concern when used in large quantities hence it is advisable that you use herbal medicine to treat arthritis only after consulting a doctor. The herbs contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing agents which help in keeping the pain and inflammation under control.

Use of herbal medicine to treat arthritis has its advantages and the benefits you draw from such treatment are not limited to reduced inflammation and pain, the herbs contain salts and amino acids which also help to strengthen your immune system.

The other effective herbal medicine to treat arthritis is ginger and it is known for its anti inflammatory effects. Intake of ginger does cause any side effects however you can avoid using this herb if you are allergic to it. Epsom salt is also known to be an effective herbal medicine to treat arthritis and the administration of this is very easy. All you need to do is add the salt to a bathtub full of hot water and soak yourself in it for about half an hour.

The use of herbal medicine to treat arthritis is quite a well known fact however a comprehensive number of clinical tests or studies have not been conducted hence there is a lack of statistical data to prove their effectiveness. Apart from using herbal medicine to treat arthritis you can also try some light exercises after consulting your doctor.

Another effective way of reducing the pain and inflammation are by losing the extra pounds and maintaining healthy eating habits.

Green-lipped mussels

Green-lipped mussels are Great for Arthritis

New Zealand’s coastal areas produce green-lipped mussels which are also called Perna Canaliculus which is replete with nutritional value. They have biological activity in abundance. The aborigines of New Zealand have been eating them for centuries. Human body has some remarkable similarity in mineral balance to green lipped mussels – great for arthritis treatment. It can be taken as a dietary supplement in capsule form.

What makes green lipped mussels great for arthritis?   A break-down of the composition of these sea products will show why green lipped mussels are great for arthritis pain relief. They contain protein, lipids, complex carbohydrates, minerals and chondroitin sulfates besides polysaccharides, long chain unsaturated fatty acids, glycosaminnoglycans, polypeptides, vitamins, enzymes and naturally chelated minerals.

Ropes are suspended on the ocean surface from platforms to grow green lipped mussels taking care that pollution does not affect the environment. Sea minerals and phytoplankton provide nutrients to mussels. When the mussels are mature enough, they harvest them. They freeze them until they are dry with vacuum and low temperature. The bioactive molecules are thus preserved and their integrity remains intact. The many activities of the nutrients are stabilized. Any presence of pathogenic bacteria is completed removed.

Green-lipped Mussels are great for arthritis.  Relief from pain and inflammation is possible with regular use of green lipped mussels. Osteoarthritis, Lyme disease, bursitis, connective tissue repair, inflammatory skin conditions, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and sports related injuries can all be treated with green lipped mussels.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in lipoid extract reduce inflammation in arthritis patients. In a study in Clemson University, the researchers came to the conclusion that green lipped mussels are great for arthritis but also in reversing the condition.

Over-the-counter sale is practiced in almost all the pharmacies but it better that a doctor is consulted before starting on the treatment regime of green lipped mussels that are great for arthritis. Doctors can better prescribe the exact dosage but the general idea is to have 6 capsules every day, to be taken two with each meal. If the swelling recedes and the pain go down, the dosage can be brought down to 3 a day.

There is another capsule named Green Lipped Mussel Xtra for arthritis pain relief which also is to be taken 6 a day and to be reduced to 2 a day.   This dosage contains 1150 ml to 1500 ml.  You can also opt for gel form. Famous brands are Seaton, Lyprinol and GLM. Prices range from around 14 dollars to 35 dollars, depending upon the brand

There are some adverse reactions too like indigestion and sometimes a slight nausea. This is caused by the excessive protein present in the green lipped mussels that are great for arthritis. It is sensitive to shell fish and it is better that an arthritis patient does not take this capsule when he eats shellfish. Hepatic impairment also does not seem to agree with green lipped mussels which are great for arthritis.


Why use Glucosamine to treat Arthritis?

The pain and agony of arthritis is known only by the one who suffers and no matter how empathetic you are towards the person you can never feel what the person might be going through. There are a lot of medicines and other products which claim to be effective in treating arthritis; use of glucosamine to treat arthritis is also an effective way of dealing with pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis. Although many studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of glucosamine to treat arthritis but there are people who still have their share of doubts.

It is not a bad idea to use glucosamine to treat arthritis as many studies and trials conducted on its usage have revealed that people who were subjected to these tests have reported considerable improvement in their condition.

Other popular medicines that are used apart from glucosamine to treat arthritis are ibuprofen and other allopathic and homeopathic formulas. The studies and tests conducted on patients revealed that when chondroitin sulfate is used in combination with glucosamine to treat arthritis it gives results equal to ibuprofen when used for a certain period of time for at least thrice a day.

Glucosamine is a natural substance which is found in abundance in the joints of a human being and it stimulates the cartilage formation and repair in joints. Glucosamine is usually made available as a dietary supplement and is widely available at leading pharmacies and health food stores across the nation. The natural availability makes it an ideal choice to use glucosamine to treat arthritis. Use of chondroitin sulfate with glucosamine to treat arthritis helps in maintaining the viscosity in joints and also helps in cartilage repair. When you use glucosamine to treat arthritis it also helps in inhibiting enzymes which can break the cartilage of your joints hence is more effective.

Use of glucosamine to treat arthritis is also evident in animals and like humans the animals especially dogs which were administered the substance showed great signs or relief and recovery. Apart from the use of glucosamine to treat arthritis you can also try some easy joint exercises and it is advisable that you consult your doctor before you embark on any such adventure. Although there are many products that are available, many people prefer to use glucosamine to treat arthritis.

There is no doubt that people use glucosamine to treat arthritis however some people believe that the studies conducted to test its effectiveness were controlled and that it is not as effective as other medicines. With the passage of time more comprehensive studies have been conducted and statistical data has been provided through the studies and tests that were carried out to justify the effectiveness and use of glucosamine to treat arthritis.

The difference of opinion about use of glucosamine to treat arthritis is an opportunity for the believers to test the product and settle the issue once and for all and it can be done only when a large number of patients are treated using glucosamine for a long time. The duration and a substantial number of people can make a difference to the way use of glucosamine to treat arthritis is perceived.


Treating Arthritis With Gitadyl

Arthritis is a very painful disease causing pain in the joints of those affected, in particular rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes affects joints and causes organ damage as a result of being an immune system disorder.  Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA causes the body’s immune system to attack healthy cells and the result is severe joint pain and often swelling.  After a time this damage can also be seen in organs and even on the surface of the skin in the form of bruising and other discoloration.  Much of the time this discoloration can be a sign of bad circulation caused by arthritis.

Ibuprofen is often prescribed to decrease swelling, however Gitadyl is a new alternative to ibuprofen and has been heralded by many patients as being more effective.  The most difficult part of living with arthritis is the pain, in some forms of arthritis such as gout the pain can be so severe that a patient cannot even walk without some form of analgesic painkiller.  In these extreme cases many choose to not go about their daily activities and even retire due to the pain arthritis causes.  In the US this has resulted in many collecting Social Security based on an arthritis-related claim of disability.

New drug treatments such as Gitadyl make living with arthritis more bearable through responsible pain management.  While analgesic medications may completely numb the pain they also keep people from driving or completing everyday tasks required of them at work or at home.  Arthritis may cause pain, but being able to keep that pain at a bearable level can make living with the disease much easier.  A small amount of relief can be a godsend for many people who want to take control of their lives back and do more of what they did before they developed arthritis.

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases in the US and is the top reason for disabling Americans.  Any thing that makes it easier for this huge group of people to enjoy life and increase the length of time they are able to work helps us all.  Premature retirement can be absolutely devastating to a family (not to mention the individual).  Gitadyl allows those with arthritis to be more productive and seek out the things they used to do in life with a little less pain than before.

Arthritis comes in many forms and affects people of all ages (it becomes more common as you grow older).  Showing an interest in the treatments available to address this horrible disease such as Gitadyl are not only a medical breakthrough but a public service.  For some the amount of pain caused by arthritis has changed their life for the worse and they have been unable to find a way out of their pain-cycle, but with medical science in time perhaps we will have a more complete understanding of arthritis and be able to cure it.  For now though we are limited in our understanding and our ability to treat it, however pain management at least allows us to do the fun things in life again!

Indian Frankincense

Indian Frankincense for Arthritis

Indian medicine system has many branches and one of the well known is Ayurvedha.  It has some surprisingly effective medications for various ailments including arthritis, especially osteoarthritis with which a high percentage of old people are afflicted. A tree known as Indian Frankincense secretes a gum resin that is a good remedy for the condition. The symptoms start disappearing in days and in a week, pain goes down considerably. In some patients who respond remarkably faster, pain just disappears.

Indian frankincense seems to be good remedy for getting rid of a number of diseases. Apart from osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, hay fever, sore throat, difficulty in passing urine, syphilis, tendonitis, and abdominal pain can all be treated with it. Problems as mundane as pimples can be subjected Indian frankincense treatment. Flow of menstrual blood can be stimulated by it.

Siba Raychaudhuri, the head of the research team said in a statement later that the anti-inflammatory properties of AKBA, when combined with B. serrata can cure osteoarthritis without causing much adverse effects.  He is of the opinion that it should not harm people who have to take the concoction for longer periods of time.

The symptoms are pain in the joints, labored movements and stiffness. All the joints are meant to bear some weight and they include spine, hip joints, knees and feet. Animals which were subjected in a pilot project showed marked improvement and the scientists then tried it on humans and were encouraged by the patients showing equally marked improvement after Indian Frankincense for arthritis treatment.

It is a fallacy that young people are immune to arthritis. They can, due to certain genetic defects, injuries during accidents and malformations, also be subjected to the malady and the suffering they go through is accentuated for sociological reasons. Peer pressure could lead them to depression and they could get desperate to go out and participate in the many activities that young people indulge in. They would benefit immensely from the medicine.

There are around 21 million osteoarthritis patients in the US and in all likelihood; this figure is going to see an alarming rise in a very short time. The 60s and early 70s generations are all in the age group now that has more potential to grow more prone to osteoarthritis.

A considerable number of them had been hippies and wannabe hippies who had thought nothing of having no restraint in doing whatever they wanted to do. This lifestyle had caused them their health in various ways and joints in their body too had to bear the burden of their excesses.

Osteoarthritis will claim its share of victims. One estimate says it is going to be 72 million, more than a 3 fold increase and that will mean a large chunk of Americans are going to crank their way about and the nation is going to slow down a bit.

The medicines that are in use currently, while effective, can cause side effects like liver damage whereas Indian Frankincense for arthritis treatment does not pose such serious ramifications.

Anti-Oxidant Vitamins

Anti-Oxidant Vitamins

For arthritis sufferers, finding relief is at the top of the list. Did you know that you can get relief from anti-oxidant vitamins? More and more people who are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and even the hundreds of other arthritis types, natural supplements and vitamins are becoming the choice. There are literally hundreds of natural remedies out there nowadays, and more and more people are choosing them over traditional medications you would get from your doctor.

Getting vitamin A as well as vitamin C, and E are essential as they have activity that can help with relieving arthritis. They can help prevent any more joint damage as well as being able to help with stimulating more cartilage growth. Cartilage is what helps to cushion the joints. When cartilage begins to deteriorate, the bones begin to grind together and this is what causes pain and swelling.

Vitamin C is a good choice for helping to relieve the swelling that accompanies arthritis and if you are looking for sources, you can find it in kiwi, broccoli, mango, and strawberries. There are also a variety of foods that can be eaten that will help with arthritis and giving you relief.

Anti-oxidants are the substances that help with the reduction of damage from oxidants. They can help with protecting your body’s cells from free radicals which are produced when the body breaks food down and are what is known to cause damage to cells in the body. Therefore, getting anti-oxidants in the body can benefit your joints and cartilage tremendously.

There are a wide variety of foods that contain anti-oxidants as well as several vitamins that will give you the source and daily intake amounts you need. You can find these vitamins in pharmacies in either a capsule form or as a multi-vitamin. When looking or one, ensure it has Vitamin C in it which is what protects the cartilage and can help with production of proteoglycan as well as collagen.

While taking anti-oxidant vitamins will not cure your arthritis, there has been research done as well as clinical trials that show they can help with reducing the symptoms you may experience. They are also going to have several other benefits to the body, which can kill two birds with one stone.

In regards to how they may interact with other medications, there has been no evidence of reactions or other issues while taking these vitamins. Vitamin C is considered to be an essential mineral to have sufficient amounts f and Vitamin E is yet another important vitamin. You can choose to get each one in a separate tablet or capsule, or you can get a multi-vitamin that has enough of each one as well as others in it.

For those who are looking into anti-oxidant vitamins to help make living with arthritis a little easier, this is a great option for you. This goes beyond traditional medicine and getting prescriptions from the doctor’s office. Anti-oxidants can help with overall health, and can support different body systems.

NHS Complementary Therapies

NHS Complementary Therapies for Arthritis – A Detailed Guide

Apart form having medical treatment, you may want to try NHS complementary therapies for arthritis. These are not designed to cure the condition and, in fact, they cannot. However, they may provide substantial relief to your symptoms and help you cope with your condition effectively so that you have a more pleasurable and fulfilling life.

Often, the choice of NHS complementary therapies is limited, so you may have to pay part or all of the costs for therapy out of your pocket. If you have private health insurance, it may cover some fraction of the cost as well. That is why you should consider carefully all your complementary therapy options and do some research in advance. In this way, you will be able to get the most effective therapy at the most affordable cost.

Even though occupational and physiotherapy, including hydrotherapy (doing exercise in the water), are often part of the actual treatment, sometimes they have to be arranged for and used separately. These therapies are highly recommended to all patients and especially to the ones considering working despite their condition. Your chances of finding such NHS complementary therapies for arthritis are higher than finding ones that provide purely symptom relief.

Some of the most commonly used therapies are touch and pressure therapies. These include acupuncture, massage and a variety of techniques for self application. These can be particularly effective for inflammation and pain relief as well as for improving your mobility, energy levels and stamina.

Medicine and diet-related therapies for arthritis involve homeopathy, taking herbs, aromatherapy and taking dietary supplements. You are highly unlikely to be able to find such NHS complementary therapies, since most of these are easy to use at home and inexpensive to afford. In addition, homeopathy is often rejected as a treatment method by doctors.

Mind and body therapies, such as meditation, yoga and tai chi, may also bring you substantial relief, improve your movements and boost your energy. They are not particularly expensive to adopt, as they can be performed in a group or a home setting.

The best way to find NHS complementary therapies is to ask your GP for the possible options for referring you on the NHS. You may want to do some research by yourself as well, since there are various arthritis therapy options becoming available in different areas at any given time.

It is really important for you to make inquiries about the duration and cost of the therapy you consider using. In this way, you will be able to calculate the total as well as monthly and weekly costs. This will allow you to seek and get some form of financial help either from the NHS or through a private health insurer or through some other organization. For instance, you may be able to get some benefits and allowances through work and employment schemes to pay for your complementary treatment.

Use all of these tips to find the best NHS complementary therapies to treat your arthritis. Just remember that continuing your medical treatment is essential, even if your therapy produces better results than expected.