Borage Seed Oil

Borage Seed Oil – Does It Work for Arthritis Treatment?

There are many supplements that you may use to relieve your arthritis symptoms. Borage seed oil is one of them. Despite the claims of manufacturers of this dietary supplement, you should definitely evaluate its effectiveness and safety objectively. Use this guide to find all the information you need and to make an adequate decision.

Borage seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant Borago officinalis, native to the Mediterranean regions. This supplement is known with other popular names. These include star flower oil, tail wort and bee bread.

This supplement is rich in essential fatty acids and, namely, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids have been shown to stimulate the production of special chemicals in the body that fight inflammation. They are attributed other properties, apart from their anti inflammatory ones. They are considered to be immune and energy boosters. They are attributed antidepressant properties as well.

The most powerful of all essential fatty acids in borage seed oil is considered to be the gamma linolenic acid, also known as GLA for short. GLA is attributed a variety of arthritis treatment properties. It is believed to reduce inflammation of the joints and to relieve pain. It is also considered capable of reducing the swelling and the morning stiffness in the joints.

Is there any scientific evidence that borage seed oil can have all these positive effect on arthritis? This dietary supplement has not been broadly studied, but the research evidence presented so far suggests that its effectiveness is quite good.

One controlled double study with one group of patients taking the supplement and the other taking a placebo drug concluded that the patients using the supplement experienced significant relief from joint tenderness, joint swelling and joint stiffness in the morning. In addition, the number of swollen joints in patients taking borage seed oil was reduced. In another study with a similar setting, 64% of patients taking the supplement experienced improvement in joint tenderness and stiffness compared to 21% of patients who underwent placebo treatment.

It has not been clinically established how much of borage seed oil is necessary for relief of arthritis symptoms on a daily basis. Some studies have suggested that the optimal dosage of GLA that should be taken each day is 1 gram. In addition, researchers have found the gamma linolenic acid should be taken for at least one to three months in order to produce the desired results.

This supplement has shown to have mild side effects in trials. Some patients participating in the studies have complained from nausea, headache, indigestion and skin rush. Since borage seed oil contains some liver toxins it may have an adverse effect on the liver, especially in patients who have chronic liver conditions. Still, some manufacturers remove these toxins from their products. Even though the supplement’s interaction with other medications has not been fully studies yet, it may interfere with blood clotting medications and some anti inflammatory drugs.

Overall, you may want to use borage seed oil to get some relief from arthritis symptoms. However, you should do this with caution and under the supervision of your doctor.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis – Is It Effective?

There are many natural dietary supplements for rheumatoid arthritis and blackcurrant oil is one of the most popular ones. However, its popularity does not necessarily mean that it is effective. It is definitely worth assessing the effectiveness of this dietary supplement.

As its name suggests, blackcurrant seed oil is made from the seeds of the blackcurrant, a plant native to the northern regions of Europe and Asia. It is also known as red current, Quincy berry and cassis. Juices made from it are popular drinks in some countries. Its seeds and leaves have been used in folk medicine for centuries.

Blackcurrant seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These have been shown to have a variety of health benefits. They are supposed to reduce inflammation and to maintain the joint cartilage lubricated. One particular omega-6 fatty acid, abundantly present in this plant, called gamma linolenic acid, is attributed powerful anti inflammatory properties. It is considered to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. It is supposed to reduce swelling and morning stiffness as well.

How effective is this dietary supplement for arthritis relief? Studies on humans have shown mixed results. Some have produced evidence that blackcurrant seed oil and linolenic acid, in particular, can ease all physical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis while others have shown that this supplement has limited or no effect at all.

In one double controlled placebo study, patients taking the oil experienced moderate pain relief and mild to non-significant stiffness relief and improved physical functionality compared to those taking the placebo medication. Another study concluded that the oil reduced joint stiffness significantly, but had little to no effect on joint pain and movement.

None of the studies on blackcurrant seed oil carried out so far has determined an optimal dosage for treatment. In addition, there is no specific time set for treatment. It has been estimated that the supplement can produce positive arthritis relief results within one to three months of treatment.

Blackcurrant seed oil is not known to have any adverse side effect. Quite the opposite, the gamma linolenic acid present in it may improve osteoporosis symptoms, reduce allergic reactions and reduce hypertension. This omega-6 fatty acid may even have anti cancer properties. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote heart and nervous system health. In general, the oil benefits are significant.

Despite the general safety of this arthritis supplement, its interactions with other medications have not been studies yet. This means that you may experience adverse side effects, if you are taking the supplement with a prescription medication. For this reason, you should definitely consult your doctor if you decide to use this remedy.

Overall, blackcurrant seed oil may relieve the most serious arthritis symptoms to an extent, even though its effect is not guaranteed. It should be pointed out that even if this remedy brings you relief, it cannot repair and prevent joint damage in any way. For this reason, it should be used only as complementary treatment in dosages determined by your doctor.

Biqi Capsules

Biqi Capsules – Can Biqi Capsules Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Rheumatoid arthritis can have adverse effects on your physical and psychological health as well as on various aspects of your life, including work. Modern medicine does not provide effective cures and often treatments are not sufficient for providing symptom relief. That is why a lot of patients turn to complementary treatments, such as Biqi capsules. You should definitely find out more about this supplement, its effects and side effects to decide whether it can work for you or not.

Biqi capsules contain a mixture of different Chinese herbs. Some of the herbs present in the medication are nux vomica, notoginseng, codonopsis, ovate atractylodes, poria, licorice and Ligusticum. These medicines are predominantly produced and used in China. That is why you are unlikely to find them in local pharmacies. In fact, most people purchase them over the internet.

The effects of this Chinese medicine have not been widely studies. Most studies on them have been carried out in China. So far, only the results from studies on animals have been published in medical and scientific journals. The results from studies on humans, if any, have not been published so far.

The exact way in which Biqi capsules work is not known. However, one controlled double fold clinical trial with real and placebo capsules has shown that the medication has similar effects to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This finding suggests that the medication may relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

According to manufactures, apart from relieving swelling, inflammation and pain in the joints, Biqi capsules have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, on immunity and on energy as well. These health benefits can have a positive effect on your physical functionality. You may feel stronger and more energetic. You may experience much less fatigue. You may enjoy greater endurance.

The safety of this medicine cannot be determined with certainty, since there is no sufficient evidence confirming or refuting the occurrence of any side effects. Manufacturers of the medication warn that it should not be used by pregnant women and patients with hypertension. However, it is not know how the medicine can affect adversely such people. We do not know whether it interacts with any medications or not. For these reasons, you must consult your doctor about taking the medication, if you decide to use it.

Another work of caution regarding Biqi capsules should be considered as well. No one can guarantee that these medications are manufactured in line with the safety instructions applied in Western countries. Laboratory studies on herbal medicines and dietary supplements coming from countries with less strict regulations have shown that sometimes these products contain harmful contaminants, which come from the environment in which the herbs have been grown. These contaminants may come from animal feces, pesticides and other chemicals.

Overall, Biqi capsules may relieve your arthritis symptoms to an extent and improve your general health. However, since little is known about their safety, they should be used with extreme caution. If you decide to use such a remedy, you must buy it from a reliable manufacturer or seller and use it only as instructed by your doctor.


ASU’s Effectiveness for Arthritis Treatment – Can It Work for You?

ASU’s effectiveness has been widely discussed since it is one of the newest and most promising dietary supplements for complementary arthritis treatment. You should definitely learn more about this supplement so that you can make an individual decision on its effects and side effects from a personal perspective. In this way, you will be able to find the optimal solution for your individual symptoms and aches.

ASU’s ingredients include avocado oil and soybean oil. They are in proportion 1 to 2. This supplement comes in a variety of brand names, but its main recipe is unchanged.

Both ingredients of the supplement have been shown to have positive effects on arthritis. Laboratory tests, primarily carried out on animals, have shown that ASU’s effect on the chemicals causing inflammation of the joints is two-fold. It reduced both their production and their action. More specifically, this supplement has been shown to prevent the damage on joint cartilage caused by chemicals known as interleukins.

ASU’s effects do not end with its anti inflammatory properties. Several studies have confirmed that it stimulates the production of chemical compounds that prevent the degradation of the cartilage of the joints. Given this powerful effect of the supplement, it can also repair some of the damage on the joints caused by arthritis, apart from slowing the progression of the disease.

Apart from the production of these chemical compounds, the supplement has been found to promote the production of collagen. This is another important building block of the joints, bones, muscles and tendons. With more collagen, these become stronger and more elastic.

So far, it seems that ASU’s effectiveness is quite good, at least in theory. It is worth looking at the available clinical evidence from studies on humans to get a better idea of its effects. Several clinical studies on humans have shown that the supplement has relieved the pain and promoted the physical function of osteoarthritis patients, while reducing their disability. Participants have seen improvement in their walking. They have also found that they can perform simple daily activities more easily and comfortably.

In all studies, patients have been given 300 milligrams of the supplement per day. So far, this is considered the optimal dosage for treatment. However, you are highly recommended to consult your doctor regarding the dosage and the supplement’s taking in general.

ASU’s side effects are relatively rare and mild. Studies have shown that it may cause stomach upset in some patients. It can also produce an allergic reaction in patients, especially those allergic to bananas and chestnuts. If you have such allergies, you should not take this supplement.

ASU’s reactions with some medications are well-known. It may interfere with blood clotting medications, such as aspirin, and cause bleeding. It can also interfere with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), used for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. The intake of these antidepressants and the supplement may increase the blood pressure significantly.

In conclusion, ASU’s effectiveness for arthritis relief is quite good. It may reduce pain and improve your physical function. It may even slow the progression of the condition and repair previous joint damage. However, its effects are not fully guaranteed.


Articulin-F for Treating Arthritis – Learn All about This Medication

Modern-day medicine has not found a way to cure arthritis. That is why a lot of patients are turning to alternative medicine. Articulin-F is based on an Ayurveda recipe and has both herbal and mineral ingredients. It is definitely worth learning more about this medication, given that it is claimed to have a multi-fold effect on arthritis.

Articulin-F has four main ingredients, three of which are herbal and one is mineral. Indian ginseng is the primary ingredient in the medication. Studies have found that this herb have anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties, which are essential for arthritis relief. Boswellia serrata is an herb that is known to relieve pain and to have a mild sedative effect.

Turmeric is also present in this herbal medication. It has chemical properties that allow it to reduce the effect of a transcription factor in the body, known as NF-KB. Since this transcription factor plays a role in the production of inflammatory chemicals that affect the joints negatively, its inhibition is supposed to have an anti inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

Zinc is the mineral present in this herbal combination containing primarily exotic herbs. It is known to have powerful anti oxidant properties. Since it can prevent cell damage, it is supposed to keep joints stronger for a longer period of time preventing damage caused by free radicals and inflammation.

Is Articulin-F effective for arthritis? This medication has ingredients that have been shown to work for relieving arthritis primarily in animals. So far, the double blind placebo controlled studies on humans have not been many.

However, the ones that have been carried out on people with osteoarthritis have produced promising results. One placebo controlled study has shown that patients taking Articulin-F had experienced a significant pain relief. Their disability was reduced and their physical function was improved. The only negative outcome is that the medication was not found to improve the structure of the joints in any way.

Given all this, it will not be a mistake to say that Articulin-F has a good effectiveness for arthritis treatment as a complementary medicine. However, there is no way in which its positive results on patients can be guaranteed. This is primarily due to the fact that the studies carried out so far have not managed to produce an optimal dosage of the medication that will have the best and safest effect on patients.

In terms of safety, Articulin-F has not been found to have any side effects and it is considered to be safe. However, its interaction with medications has not been fully studied yet. This is applicable to its long term effect on the body as well. For these reasons, extra care is necessary when you take this herbal medication with other medicines.

In conclusion, Articulin-F may provide you with arthritis pain relief and improve your physical function while reducing your disability. However, it might not be effective for repairing the joint structure and protecting it from further damage. Even though this herbal medication is considered safe, you should definitely discuss taking it with your doctor first.

Antler Velvet

Antler Velvet for Arthritis – Does It Work to Relieve Arthritis?

Antler velvet is a dietary supplement that is supposed to provide arthritis relief. It is one of the many supplements claimed to work, so it is definitely beneficial for you to learn more about it. In this way, you can make a well-informed decision on whether to use it or not.

As its name suggests, antler velvet is made from substances derived from the antlers of deer and elk. The antlers used for the making of the supplement are in their initial stage of growth, the so called velvet stage. This is where the name of the supplement comes from. Apart from antler velvet, the medication is sometimes called deer velvet antler or just deer velvet. This supplement is readily available in pharmacies without prescription.

How does antler velvet work? This supplement is rich in a variety of chemical compounds. It has pilose, a powerful protein, glucosamine sulphate, collagen and chondroitine sulphate. All of these compounds affect arthritis in a positive way. This is what tests on animals show.

Pilose has been found to have a powerful anti inflammatory effect and to relieve arthritis and slow its progression in lab animals. Similarly, glucosamine sulphate is known to be one of the building blocks of joint cartilage. It can repair some of the damages on the joint cartilage and make joints more lubricated and less painful. Collagen is known to make the muscles as well as the tendons more elastic and stronger. It promotes a wider range of movement that is considerably less painful.

Given all this, it seems that antler velvet has the potential to relieve your arthritis and for rheumatoid arthritis, in particular. However, the effects described above have been observed primarily in animals. The results of two different studies on humans have produced no solid evidence that this supplement is effective for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and similar types.

One thing that studies on humans have confirmed is that antler velvet is generally safe to use. During 6-month clinical studies none of the participants has experienced any disturbing symptoms that can be attributed to the supplement. Despite this, studies on animals have shown that the supplement may interfere with the work of male hormones, androgens. That is why researchers believe that it may interfere with the action of some prescription drugs containing male hormones.

What is the verdict? The animal studies on antler velvet are promising, but it has not been confirmed to work for arthritis relief in humans. Currently, there is no optimal dosage that has been scientifically and empirically established. The supplement is generally safe, but it should be taken with caution, if you take any male hormonal medications or undergo treatments involving different types of hormonal therapy.

Overall, you can readily use antler velvet to find out whether it works for you. Even if you do not get any arthritis relief, you will not do any harm to your health at least. It should be pointed out that since there is no optimal dosage and period of treatment with this supplement, you should discuss taking it with your physician so that you can make the most out of it.


Anthocyanidins for Arthritis – Can Anthocyanidins Cure Your Arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic condition that may be relieved or stopped from progressing with the use of modern medical treatment. However, modern medicine has not found a way to cure it. That is why a lot of people are turning to alternative medicine and its solutions, such as anthocyanidins. These powerful antioxidants are considered to have excellent properties for curing arthritis, but you should definitely look into the matter into greater detail to find out more about their effectiveness.

Anthocyanidins belong to the group of flavenoids, powerful antioxidants naturally found in green tea, blueberries and cranberries. These chemicals are present in other fruits and vegetables as well, but in smaller amounts. In general, you can get them naturally with food or buy them in the form of supplements from your local pharmacy.

These flavenoids work like all other antioxidants. They combat free radicals (harmful molecules) and prevent them from damaging cells in the body. For this reason they are considered to have anti cancer properties and are often recommended as supplements to breast cancer patients. Various studies, primarily on animals and mice, in particular, have shown that anthocyanidins have an anti inflammatory, anti aging and anti cancer effects. They are also considered to boost the immune system and to boost energy as well. Anthocyanidins have been found to prevent the destruction of collagen in the muscle tissues.

All these findings come to suggest that this powerful antioxidant may help relieve arthritis and stop its progression. The anti inflammatory effect is supposed to reduce pain and prevent the further damage of the joints. The immunity and energy boosting effects may help you feel less tired and more energetic. They can promote psychological health in chronically ill patients.

Is there any scientific evidence to support these claims? As said earlier, tests have been done primarily on lab animals. Anthocyanidins have shown reduction of the joint inflammation in mice with arthritis. Researchers believe that this antioxidant may work by affecting the chemical processes in the body and preventing the production of chemicals that provide for joint inflammation.

The results are promising, but the effect of these flavenoids on humans has not been fully studied yet. In fact, only a few studies with people have been carried out. The results from them are inconclusive.

Given all this, it cannot be said with certainty that anthocyanidins can help relieve and treat arthritis. Furthermore, since studies on humans are limited, researchers have not found the most appropriate dosage that will be effective and safe at the same time. At the same time, it has been shown that the amount of antioxidants you get is essential for determining the size of their effect.

Since these flavenoids have not been fully studies yet, their safety cannot be confirmed with certainty, at least for the time being. In the few clinical studies that have been carried out, patients have experienced side effects such as stomach upset and urinary tract problems. However, the long term effects and side effects of these antioxidants have not been studies yet. This is true for their interactions with drugs as well.

Overall, anthocyanidins may help you get some relief from arthritis, but they have not been proven to work for its curing.


Acupuncture – Is Acupuncture Helpful for Arthritis?

There are a lot of complementary therapies for arthritis. Acupuncture is one of the most widely recommended. It is worth looking at what this therapy is like and how it can help you with your medical condition.

Acupuncture is considered to belong to alternative medicine. This suggests that it can be used for the treatment of arthritis, but only in combination with traditional medical treatment. This type of therapy comes from traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for relieving a variety of conditions for thousands of years.

This therapy is based on the insertion of thin needles in certain points in the body. Traditional Chinese medicine requires the needles to be inserted into the so called meridians, imaginary lines that run around the body and stimulate the functioning of different organs and system. There is modern western acupuncture as well. It works using the same method, but requires the insertion of the needles to be done around aching areas of the body.

In both cases, before the needles are inserted they are stimulated to provide optimal effect. They are stimulated either manually, by heat or by an electric current, with the latter being a modern-day method. Once the needles are ready, the therapist inserts them one by ones. The insertion is not painful at all and does not cause any bleeding or swelling of the skin. In fact, most patients do not feel any discomfort when the needles are inserted. In some cases they experience tingling and/or heaviness in the treated area, but this shows that the body is responding to the treatment.

The main thing that acupuncture can do for arthritis patients is to relieve pain. The way in which this therapy works has not been fully studied yet, but researchers think that it has a two-fold action. On one hand, it affects the neurons in the affected area and diverts or changes the “message” for pain sent to the brain. At the same time, it stimulates the production of hormones in the body which are responsible for providing a pain-relieving effect.

It has been estimated that you need a single acupuncture session in order to get relief from the arthritis pain you are experiencing. The therapy can produce long-term and lasting result after around six to eight sessions. You may be free from pain for anywhere between six or nine months and perhaps even longer.

There is clear scientific evidence that acupuncture is effective for pain management. Studies have confirmed that it brings relief from low back pain and from osteoarthritis of the knees. In fact, it is even recommended by various health care institutes as an effective method for pain management.

Acupuncture may bring you additional benefits as well, even though these have not been confirmed scientifically yet. This therapy promotes relaxation and provides for anxiety and depression relief. It is supposed to boost your energy and immunity as well.

This therapy is considered to have no serious side effects. Sometimes patients experience dizziness after treatment, but this is rare. The only danger may come from needles that are used more than one time, but this will not happen in the office of a licensed therapist.

Now you know how acupuncture can help relieve arthritis pain.