Phytodolor for Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a major disease that quite a number of people above the age of 50 or so get afflicted with. There are a number of medications that claim to ease the arthritic pain and many of them claim permanent relief.  Phytodolor for arthritis treatment is one of them. It was first formulated in Germany by employing modern methods. However, American Indians are known to have used it in the form of raw leaves.  They grind together the leaves of aspen and golden rob and apply the thick tincture-like concoction  where the arthritic pain is and the patients were relieved of pain.

How do you use  phytodolor for arthritis pain relief?   It is a combination drug that contains three ingredients. They are common ash bark otherwise known as franxinus excelsior, aspen which is also called populus tremula and golden rod herb with the generic name solidago vigaurea. It can be bought from pharmacies in most places. It has provided relief from pain for about 40 years and is widely used in Europe. Phytodolor for arthritis pain relief has been tested some 43 times and its efficacy has been  proved in majority of those studies. It is sold as a tincture and is called by another name, STW1.

Aspen has a chemical, salicin which goes through metabolism in the body and is transformed into salicylic acid and its job is to put a curb on   prostaglandins production thereby reducing pain and discomfort. Golden rob herb and common ash bark also have the ability to relieve pain. Common ash is also an anti-oxidant and joint structure damages are brought to a minimum by it. A mixture of these herbs can stimulate anti-inflammatory properties in them. Laboratory tests have also proved these qualities. The trials involved administration of 30 to 40 drops, given thrice a day for adolescents and adults. Children should not be given the same dosage and it is safe to consult the doctor before administering it to them.

Comparison of phytodolor for arthritis treatment with some other medications:

Placebo blind experiments have invariably been heavily favorable to phytodolor for arthritis treatment and to facilitate movements of joints easily. It is in a favorable position vis-a-vis piroxicam and NSAIDs diclofenac in easing the stiffness in joints and to subsiding swellings and thereby reducing pain. All medicines have some side effects. When you use phytolodor for for arthritis treatment too there are some of these. Skin allergy may result in some. Some others may develop stomach upset and may be diarrhea. Some doctors advise that pregnant women should not take phytodolor for arthritis pain relief.

There are many pharmacies selling phytodolor for arthritis pain relief. Flordis  sells it at 30 dollars for a bottle of 100ml. Some others to have it. It is labeled restricted medicine and so you can not buy it over the counter and need prescription. You can buy it online too from their website. You may read the reviews before deciding on buying, Better still, you may consult your doctor