Understanding the Function of Certolizumab Pegol

The brand name for Certolizumab pegol is Cimzia. It is one of the anti TNF medications which are known as anti tumor necrosis factors. It specifically targets the inflammation that is normally associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The prescription is normally restricted to the cases where the arthritis is active. The clinician will also ensure that other forms of medication such methotrexate have been looked at. Alternatively you might be given sulfasalazine and hydroxychloroquine. It is only when these options prove to be unworkable that the clinician will move on to prescribing Certolizumab pegol. There are some contra indications for the treatment including inactive arthritis, pregnancy, breastfeeding and sundry infections.

Using Certolizumab pegol safely

It is important that you follow the advice that is provided by the clinician when using Certolizumab pegol. They have your best interests at heart. They also understand some of the negative side effects that can arise if you do not take this medication carefully enough. People that have suffered from TB or MS in the past are excluded from this form of treatment. Likewise people that have cancer will not be able to use Certolizumab pegol on account of the negative impact that it might have on their general health. Patients with lung fibrosis or heart conditions should look for alternatives to this medication. The medication is taken by use of a subcutaneous injection. You might want to get a member of your family to help you with the injections once they receive the right instructions.

Normally the doses are put in a pre filled syringe for your convenience. The syringe will have about 200 milligrams of the medication. The starting point is about 400 mg every two weeks. This can then be gradually increased as the body begins to adjust to the new treatment program. In addition patients should carry a biological therapy alert card just in case they are caught up in an emergency where the attendants require this information in order to do their work properly. The response rate for Certolizumab pegol is between two and twelve weeks. Some of the side effects include irritation on the injection site.  It also has an effect on the immune system. Therefore patients might develop a sore throat or a fever.

A sensible approach to Certolizumab pegol

The usage of Certolizumab pegol might suppress your immune system such that you become susceptible to food poisoning. Some of the bugs that disturb you may include listeria and salmonella. In order to minimize this risk you should eat less of raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, cheese and rare meat. All types of pate should be off the menu given their association with food poisoning. You need to ensure that there are basis hygiene standards in the home so that you are not exposed to risks. The situation on your reaction to Certolizumab pegol will have to be monitored by the family doctor. There could be periods where the side effects flare up on a temporary basis. You should try to use the drug sensibly.