When Does a Doctor Prescribe Ciclosporin?

The commercial name for Ciclosporin is Neoral. This is one of the diseases modifying anti rheumatic drugs that are gaining in popularity today. In cases of rheumatoid arthritis, this medication is used to reduce swelling and stiffness. Ultimately it will reduce the amount of pain that the patient has to suffer during the duration of arthritis. The use of Ciclosporin has been extended to lupus erythematosus and systemic psoriatic arthritis. The medication is taken in the form of a capsule that is swallowed twice a day. There are liquid versions of Ciclosporin which might act as an effective alternative. The doctor will tell you about the correct dosage for this medication and you are advised to follow the instructions that they set. Body weight and the state of your kidneys will be one of the considerations that the doctor looks at.

Ciclosporin and its medical uses

Patients are advised not to take grapefruit juice within one hour of the medication. This is because the grapefruit juice tends to increase the level of natural Ciclosporin in the body. That means that if you add the synthetic version then you are essentially opening the doors to an overdose. That is not the way that it is supposed to be and a patient that ignores this instruction might end up with serious side effects in the long run.  This is not one of those medications that work immediately. It might take months before you get the results that you are looking for. The side effects include an increase in the patient’s blood pressure. They might also have an impact on the function of the kidney. The level of lipids within the body might rise so that the user faces a cholesterol problem.

Other pronounced side effects might include diarrhoea, nausea, gum overgrowth, headache, excessive hair, tiredness, tremors and burning sensations on the body. The impact on the gums is very pronounced and that is why patients that are taking Ciclosporin are advised to visit the dentist on a fairly regular basis. If the symptoms become severe then you should stop the medication with immediate effect. Where you develop shingles or chicken pox, then it is clear that the medication has compromised your immune system. It is advisable to stop taking the medication. Alternatively you might keep away from situations where you can get opportunistic diseases.  The clinician that is handling the case will need to look at the blood and urine tests in order to ascertain whether it is still safe to give her

Taking care while using Ciclosporin

It is important that you discuss your medication regime with the family doctor. They can normally make important recommendations on the best course of action. They are also in a position to decide on whether the risk of drug reactions exists. Do not go over the dose just because the pain has increased. The proper course of action is to make an appointment with the doctor and explain to them the kinds of symptoms that you are getting. They will then be in a position to make a decision as to whether the dosage of Ciclosporin should be increased.