The Importance of Cyclophosphamide in Arthritis Treatment

Many patients are given a prescription for Cyclophosphamide and it helps them to cope with all sorts of arthritis. It works by modifying the disease. This medication is taken on three levels according to the severity of the condition that they are treating. At the first level is the low dosage of about tablets that are taken once a day. On the second level is the high dosage with a few powerful tablets that are taken every few weeks. At the highest level, the Cyclophosphamide is taken in an intravenous injection. Patients are advised to take the medication after a meal. The early morning or afternoon is the preferred time to take the medication. You should swallow the medication whole and not make an attempt to chew it.

Setting the right level of treatment with Cyclophosphamide

This medication is not likely to work immediately. You might see the full results in about six weeks time. Therefore patients and their families need to be patient. The pain and inflammation will not disappear overnight. Many people that take Cyclophosphamide say that nausea is almost inevitable. It is possible to control this and the doctor will be able to give you medication for this purpose.  The bladder wall may become inflamed and start bleeding when you are on this medication. That is why it is imperative that you report any symptoms to your doctor. It has been suggested that drinking up to ten glasses of water a day will help to combat this problem.

The doctor may prescribe Mesna to go with the Cyclophosphamide in order to ensure that the patient does not suffer from cystitis. If you take this medication on a long term basis, there could be a significant reduction in your blood count. This essentially means that you are producing fewer blood cells. That might result in higher infection rates than in the normal population. A sore throat and fever after taking Cyclophosphamide are just some of the more serious side effects which might require clinical intervention. Prior to prescribing the medication, the doctor might want to undertake some tests on the bladder and your blood. This will ensure that they are making decisions that are going to hurt you in the future.  It is imperative that the medical history of the patient is kept in one place. Failure to do so will have serious implications.

Using Cyclophosphamide as part of a combination therapy

Before using herbal remedies it is important that you check with your family doctor. These remedies may conflict with the work that Cyclophosphamide is supposed to do. In the worst case scenario you might end up with negative reactions. Where you are taking the medication, the recommendation is not to take live vaccines such as that for yellow fever. The medication tends to compromise your immunity system and you might end up developing the condition which you wanted to get rid of. Generally speaking Cyclophosphamide is safe to use and has been recommended by many people who are experienced in treating arthritis.