The Use of the Gold by Intramuscular Injection

The use of the gold by intramuscular injection is a well known method for treating some of the symptoms that are associated with arthritis. The development of the condition is effectively controlled while at the same time the body is given time to recover within the various stages of recovery. The reason for these prescriptions is to reduce inflammation. It will also help to reduce the pain that is associated with arthritis. Apart from rheumatoid arthritis these gold by intramuscular injection can be used to treat psoriatic arthritis.

The proper administration of this arthritis treatment

Patients will start off with the injection on a weekly basis. It is recommended that this is administered at the GP surgery or a local hospital. The gold by intramuscular injection is administered on the buttock. A small test dosage may be used to ensure that there are no adverse reactions from the use of the active ingredients. The content within these injections will come up to about fifty milligrams of gold. As the condition improves then the frequency of the gold by intramuscular injection may be reduced to once a fortnight. There are times where the treatment will be so successful that you will no longer need an injection outside the monthly dosage that is made available. This treatment is capable of being used on a long term basis without any serious side effects on the patient.

It is not common for the patient to react to the gold by intramuscular injection. In many instances the patient will be held back for thirty minutes after the first dose in order to ascertain how they are coping with the treatment. If there are indications that they are reacting badly then the treatment might be postponed for another day. It is imperative that these injections are given in the most suitable conditions and that the patient is comfortable with the treatment. It would be difficult to sustain this form of treatment if there were adverse reactions. After about twelve weeks the first signs of recovery should be evident unless there is a specific problem with the treatment program. It has been reported that gold causes problem with the blood flow and could affect the kidney. It might also make the skin worse in the long run. The doctor or rheumatology nurse should be kept informed about the development in the patient’s condition.

The effects of the gold by intramuscular injection

The adverse effects of the gold by intramuscular injection may include a skin rash, breathlessness and mouth ulcers. Patients could find that their taste buds are not working as well as they usually due.  These are just average side effects but you many have specific reactions that are not seen in other parts of the population. That is why this treatment should be done under the supervision of a properly qualified clinician. It is the least you can to do to ensure that there is a possibility for quick recovery. In the end that will make a difference to the way that you deal with the situation.