The Disease Modifying Effects of Mycophenolate

The use of Mycophenolate has long been known as an effective treatment for arthritis. It is sold under the full name of mycophenolate mofetil while the brand name is CellCept. This drug is used to treat a series of rheumatic diseases. There have been instances where Mycophenolate has been used following an organ transplant.  You take the medication in the form of a capsule on a daily basis. You need to take the capsule with a glass of water as well as food. It should not be crushed but swallowed whole as per the instructions from the physician. This is slow acting medication and you might see the first results after three months. On the other hand it is very effective in dealing with long term arthritis.

The safe management of arthritis using Mycophenolate

It is important that you follow all the rules that govern the use of Mycophenolate. Some patients follow the right methods but then end up with certain side effects such as diarrhea and nausea. This sort of treatment will almost certainly affect your blood count. Therefore you need to be on the lookout for opportunistic diseases that might attack your body.  In extreme cases you might have problems with your kidney after taking this medication. You need to keep the physician informed about your condition and the steps that you are taking to resolve the issues. The medication will affect your immunity and therefore patients should not be immunized with live vaccines. Examples of these live vaccines include Yellow fever.  If he patient has to take Rubella immunization due to pregnancy, then they need to take steps to protect their body from opportunistic diseases.

It might be recommended that you take Pneumovax to protect against the most common types of pneumonia. Flu vaccines might be recommended. It is also important that you restrict the amount of alcohol that you take because Mycophenolate affects. Therefore the liver will not be in a position to deal with binge drinking. In general terms you should not be drinking heavily whilst on medication. It will affect your sense of judgment and might make the side effects worse. The consumption of alcohol is bad enough as it is but the situation will be made worse if you are taking Mycophenolate as well.  The doctor will emphasize this point if they are aware that you have an alcohol problem.

Parenting and Mycophenolate

Pregnant women need to be wary of taking Mycophenolate because it can affect their child through secondary transmission. The window is not to become pregnant six weeks after stopping the medication completely. Your doctor might be able to find alternative forms of arthritis treatment that do not place your child in danger. It is imperative that they are involved in all the decisions that affect the way that you take medicine. Some of these combination therapies can be very challenging if you do not take the time to use them effectively. Do not breastfeed when you are taking the medication because it can pass on to the child through milk.