Reumalex for Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder of joints in the body, and the most common areas are the knees, hands, ankles, and wrists. It can be experienced in all joints of the body, and is often times accompanied by feeling discomfort as well as pain in the joint areas. There are well over 100 different forms of arthritis, and this number continues to grow. This means that many researchers and scientists are trying to find a cure for it, or at least a better way to treat it. One of those methods is with the use of Reumalex.

Reumalex is a combination of a few things that include sarsaparilla, white willow bark, black cohosh, guaiacum resin, and poplar bark. It’s been shown to help with arthritis, and can only be found in a few online shops.

The willow bark found in Reumalex contains elements or components that have been said to help with relieving the pain that is caused from arthritis and pain in the joints. The pain is brought on by a production in the nerves of prostaglandins. There have been other lab based studies that have shown the other components of Reumalex can help with the inflammation in the joints.

More and more people are looking for alternative methods to treating or even getting some relief from arthritis. More and more people are beginning to show an interest in herbal methods and remedies and Reumalex for arthritis is one of the many out there. Reumalex has no adverse or harmful effects on the body, and many people are reporting that inflammation as well as tenderness and pain have subsided.

As far as side effects of taking Reumalex, the only ones that were reported were an upset stomach, headaches, and diarrhea. Other than that, there were none. If you are currently taking other medications, Reumalex will not interact with them and there will be no adverse reactions or affects.

The white willow bark that is found in Reumalex is also known as being the grandmother of aspirin, and is safe for the body. It can help with reducing the inflammation as well as pain associated with arthritis. White willow is a tree that is found in Asia, North America, and most of Africa and it produces low tapering leaves as well as catskins. The bark is what is used to make herbal supplements, and is found in Reumalex.

White willow bark has been used for centuries and can help with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis, and even fibromyalgia. It can be found by itself in a capsule form or liquid, and nowadays it is even being found in tea formats.

Treating arthritis with Reumalex is a great alternative for going to your doctor, especially if doctor’s fees are what worry you. You can find it online and very few health food stores that focus on herbal supplements are carrying it. It poses many benefits to help reduce and deal with symptoms of the many forms of arthritis. Relief is closer than you thought and you can soon be on your way to relief.

Reactive Arthritis

A Summary of Reactive Arthritis

The condition known as reactive arthritis or Reiter’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that occurs after an infection has taken place in another part of the body.  Both viral and bacterial infections can cause an occurrence of Reiter’s syndrome to manifest.  The symptoms caused by Reiter’s greatly resemble those caused by arthritis.  Even after the initial infection is cured Reiter’s disease can still occur for years afterward, this makes ascertaining the initial contraction of the disease difficult to pinpoint.  Symptoms of reactive arthritis do however generally take two to three weeks to be visible.

Reiter’s syndrome is named for a German doctor named Hans Reiter who contributed to the classification and definition.  The symptoms of Reiter’s syndrome greatly resemble arthritis, aching joints in the knees and back as well as eye irritation.  It is also possible to display external symptoms such as those associated with psoriasis via lesions and pain in joints near the foot, in some rare cases men can develop penile lesions.  Those most commonly affected by this disease are between the ages of 20-40 years old.  If the disease worsens over time reactive arthritis can cause cardiac problems as well.

Often reactive arthritis is caused by Chlamydia, an STD that is a bacterial infection.  Reactive Arthritis can manifest in the digestive system as a result of an infection from Chlamydia, such a manifestation resembles Crohn’s disease.  An MRI is sometimes necessary to diagnose Reactive arthritis conclusively in some cases.  It is important that you treat every infection your body goes through with the utmost urgency to avoid a possible complication such as Reactive Arthritis.  Remembering that reactive arthritis can often be avoided by addressing every infection with caution is a great way to stay out of harm’s way where this complication is concerned.

Women who contract reactive arthritis may go un-diagnosed, however some studies conducted have shown that less than 1 percent of women infected with Chlamydia develop reactive arthritis.  The arthritic symptoms can be treated with conventional anti-inflammatory drugs to soothe aches and pains.  In some cases among men there can be complications that affect the eyes in unusual cases of reactive arthritis.  In women there can be complications involving the genitalia much like with men, except that it can go inside the body cavity to affect the cervix.  Such complications in women can have adverse effects during pregnancy or sexual activity.

The genetic disposition towards reactive arthritis has been proven to occur in 75% of those who tested positive for the gene.  Reactive arthritis has been known to stop causing symptoms after the causal infection has been cured in some cases.  In other cases reactive arthritis can be recurring and cause symptoms for years after the initial infection has been cured.  In some cases the arthritis can in fact be debilitating and prevent those who suffer from the disease from completing everyday tasks.  While a few of those who suffer from arthritis can suffer from complications that can shorten their lifespan most will live full and relatively normal lives.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Raynaud’s Phenomenon Explained

When circulation is cut off to a limb or extremity discoloration can often occur through a reddening or paling effect to the skin.  It is a vascular disease that often occurs in conjunction with arthritis, although it can occur by itself (in this case it is referred to as Raynaud’s disease).  Cases of Raynaud’s disease are far less common than secondary Raynaud’s syndrome.  In some cases extreme discoloration can actually be a sign of gangrene or the formation of necrotic tissue.  If you notice any severe skin discoloration localized in your extremities you need to contact a physician immediately.

The discoloration caused by Raynaud’s disease can be accompanied by numbness due to an adverse effect on the blood supply to that area of the body.  Much like arthritis those with Raynaud’s syndrome should avoid cold climates, although in the case of Raynaud’s there is more at stake than additional discomfort.  With Raynaud’s disease there is a good chance of limb loss if you are in a cold climate in which your condition can be aggravated.  The skin can turn white, red and even blue when a case of Raynaud’s is untreated or severe.  In cold climates one’s skin tends to turn white, a depletion of oxygen is marked by a blue color and immediately after either condition is corrected the skin will turn a bright red temporarily after circulation is restored.

In many cases more often than not women are diagnosed with Raynaud’s than men (regardless of the presence of arthritis) and has been known to occur with some regularity for breastfeeding mothers.  In addition to the fingers and toes being effected by Raynaud’s the nose and earlobes can also be susceptible.  Raynaud’s can often be an initial presenting symptom for rheumatoid arthritis up to 20 years before the disease manifests.  If you have symptoms of Raynaud’s be sure to get checked out for possible problems with arthritis later on.

Living in a warm climate if you have Raynaud’s is a very, very good idea because cold weather could aggravate or even worsen your condition.  If you do happen to experience cold weather or cold conditions and your disease is aggravated there are emergency measures that can be taken to safeguard your health.  If your skin turns white you should run warm water over the affected area and slowly increase the heat until your skin color returns to normal.  If no warm water is available put the discolored area into a warm part of your body such as your mouth or inner thigh (if possible).

In some extreme cases surgery may be necessary to correct for complications caused by Raynaud’s.  Surgery for the treatment of Raynaud’s involves either amputation or the injection of affected tissue with prostacyclin.  In many cases these injections greatly reduced and almost eliminated the pain caused by Raynaud’s.  In some isolated cases however amputation of the affected area is the best course of action for eliminating pain and greatly aid avoiding possible gangrene breakouts later on.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis at a Glance

The disease known as psoriatic arthritis is a very painful condition to have, it can make everyday tasks nearly impossible to complete.  Unknown to many is the possible link between psoriasis and arthritis, while not proven the odds of someone with psoriasis developing arthritis are far greater than someone who did not have psoriasis.  This possible causal relationship is something that can be utilized by those with psoriasis to take preventative measures before arthritis develops.  After psoriatic arthritis develops the treatment available typically comprises different medications and some light physical therapy.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed to lessen the pain of psoriatic arthritis while in more severe cases antirheumatic drugs are prescribed.  In certain situations the use of painkillers may also be authorized.  Psoriatic arthritis is a particularly debilitating condition due to the added symptoms of skin problems in addition to sore joints and aches.  To this end in many cases both psoriasis and arthritis will be treated by prescriptions, treating the psoriasis will remove any visible symptoms of the disease. In some cases psoriatic arthritis can cause swollen fingers and hands as well as feet.

Psoriatic Arthritis occurs from a malfunction in the immune system where your immune system’s cells begin to attack healthy cells.  The cause for this phenomenon is as of yet unknown, this causes the formation of abnormal skin cells (psoriasis) and pain in your joints (arthritis).  It is thought that the cause for psoriatic arthritis is both genetic and environmental, some have even gone so far to say that a pregnant mother’s stress level may impact a child’s health in this way.  Bacterial and viral infections are also thought to possibly play a role where psoriatic arthritis is concerned.

If your spine is where the disease is concentrated symptoms manifest with a good deal of stiffness in the back and a burning sensation in the lower back specifically.  This may sound a bit scary but in reality with proper medication psoriatic arthritis is a completely manageable disease.  The pain will flare up some days more so than others (cold weather can often be an aggravating factor).  Staying inside on a cold day can make a big difference when trying to avoid pain, other aggravating factors can include excessive heat or strenuous physical activity.  The main things to consider when practicing pain management where arthritis is concerned are any severe changes in temperature, strenuous physical activities and even stress.

Those who have psoriasis should be prepared for the possibility of developing psoriatic arthritis at some point, discuss your concerns with your physician and plan ahead regarding medication and other treatment.  Read up on psoriatic arthritis at length so that you can know ahead of time what you are facing if you are diagnosed with either psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis.  Knowing what you are facing can make all of the difference in the world when coping with a chronic, painful condition.  While at times the pain will be severe knowing that others share your condition and want to help can help out a lot.S


Phytodolor for Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a major disease that quite a number of people above the age of 50 or so get afflicted with. There are a number of medications that claim to ease the arthritic pain and many of them claim permanent relief.  Phytodolor for arthritis treatment is one of them. It was first formulated in Germany by employing modern methods. However, American Indians are known to have used it in the form of raw leaves.  They grind together the leaves of aspen and golden rob and apply the thick tincture-like concoction  where the arthritic pain is and the patients were relieved of pain.

How do you use  phytodolor for arthritis pain relief?   It is a combination drug that contains three ingredients. They are common ash bark otherwise known as franxinus excelsior, aspen which is also called populus tremula and golden rod herb with the generic name solidago vigaurea. It can be bought from pharmacies in most places. It has provided relief from pain for about 40 years and is widely used in Europe. Phytodolor for arthritis pain relief has been tested some 43 times and its efficacy has been  proved in majority of those studies. It is sold as a tincture and is called by another name, STW1.

Aspen has a chemical, salicin which goes through metabolism in the body and is transformed into salicylic acid and its job is to put a curb on   prostaglandins production thereby reducing pain and discomfort. Golden rob herb and common ash bark also have the ability to relieve pain. Common ash is also an anti-oxidant and joint structure damages are brought to a minimum by it. A mixture of these herbs can stimulate anti-inflammatory properties in them. Laboratory tests have also proved these qualities. The trials involved administration of 30 to 40 drops, given thrice a day for adolescents and adults. Children should not be given the same dosage and it is safe to consult the doctor before administering it to them.

Comparison of phytodolor for arthritis treatment with some other medications:

Placebo blind experiments have invariably been heavily favorable to phytodolor for arthritis treatment and to facilitate movements of joints easily. It is in a favorable position vis-a-vis piroxicam and NSAIDs diclofenac in easing the stiffness in joints and to subsiding swellings and thereby reducing pain. All medicines have some side effects. When you use phytolodor for for arthritis treatment too there are some of these. Skin allergy may result in some. Some others may develop stomach upset and may be diarrhea. Some doctors advise that pregnant women should not take phytodolor for arthritis pain relief.

There are many pharmacies selling phytodolor for arthritis pain relief. Flordis  sells it at 30 dollars for a bottle of 100ml. Some others to have it. It is labeled restricted medicine and so you can not buy it over the counter and need prescription. You can buy it online too from their website. You may read the reviews before deciding on buying, Better still, you may consult your doctor

Non-Antioxidant Vitamins

Non-Antioxidant Vitamins May Help Relieve Discomfort

For those of you who find yourself suffering with arthritis, you may be surprised to learn that there are a variety of non-antioxidant vitamins that can help you. Two important vitamins are D and B, and these two are designed to help with maintaining healthy joints as well as bones. They are additionally one of the most important parts of stimulating the production of proteoglycen which happens to be the main component in the joint cartilage.

Arthritis can become bothersome to many people, and in some cases can get to a point where it interrupts your daily activities. You can get it in your ankles, knees, hands, fingers, and wherever you have joints. Taking these non-antioxidant vitamins can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort that many arthritis sufferers face on an almost daily basis.

As far as taking these vitamins, there has been no concrete information as far as a daily dosage or that it can cure arthritis, but there has been some research that shows a dosage of 3g of vitamins B3, 20mcg of B12, 6 and 400mcg of B9 should be taken.

These non-antioxidant supplements may be of some benefit, and should be taken daily. If you have a more serious case of arthritis, you should talk to your doctor. Vitamin B can have some benefits to those of you who find you suffer with osteoarthritis, especially with helping to improve joint mobility.

As far as these vitamins being safe, there have not been any reported reactions, especially for those who are taking other medications. This is of course with medium intake of these non-antioxidant vitamins. Vitamins that are in the B category are safe, but if you are taking vitamin D in high dosages, this can be toxic over time and should be avoided.

Taking B vitamins are not going to have that type of effect on the body, even when taken in high dosages. Taking a dosage of 250 micrograms every day for 6 months is going to cause an increase of the amount of calcium that is in the blood, which in turn is going to lead to a number of issues such as weakness, having a lack of motivation and energy, severe headaches, and in worst cases, gastrointestinal symptoms.

Vitamin B can be taken in high dosages and there are supplements that will have all of the Vitamin B in one capsule. This can often times be better than taking a different capsule for each vitamin. Taking these non-antioxidant vitamins is a higher choice for some people who need relief from joint stiffness and problems with mobility. Also, talking to your doctor to see if there are other activities or vitamins you can take to help as well. There is no definite cure for arthritis just yet, but there are several things you can do to help deal with the symptoms and discomfort you may feel. Vitamins can be taken daily and are safe for the body as well.


Use of MSM for Arthritis Pain

Treatment involving MSM for arthritis has been endorsed by such prominent personalities as James Coburn and Robert Culp and that says something about it. Arthritis pain is a major source of discomfort in the elderly and some times, even in young people who become victims due to accidents, malformation or some genetic defects. The pain in joints has caused spawning of umpteen medical relief methods. One of them is the usage of MSM for arthritis pain relief.

How effective is MSM for arthritis treatment?

Methylsulfonylmethane is quite a mouthful and its other names like methyl sulfone or DMSO2 or dimethyl sulfone are not very easy on the tongue either. It is a colorless solid substance and occurs in some plants. It is also found in small quantities in some food items and beverages. It is used as a food supplement and touted as a good remedy for arthritis pain.

Can administration of MSM for arthritis be effective? There is no conclusive proof of this in any experiments though there are at least two studies that suggested that using MSM for arthritis may have something to do with reduction of pain in arthritis patients.  The study showed that some patients had a definite improvement in their conditions but there were also indications that it may trigger headache, stomach upset and complications arising out of it. Research is going on in many laboratories around the world.

Even so, doctors widely prescribe it as a pain reliever. They also, on many occasions, reduce the dosage of prescription medication and substitute it with MSM for arthritis treatment. In some cases, they may even stop the medication and depend wholly on MSM for pain relief. Since sulfur is an all-encompassing element, it is present in all the trillion cells in the body. That means the MSM supplement reaches every cell in the body. All the muscles, tendons, bones, hair and nail get their share of the chemical. And, arthritic joints too get their share and the pain is reduced.

How does treatment of MSM for arthritis pain work?

This variant of sulfur is abundantly made use of by body to form connective tissue. An essential chemical element, sulfur gets destroyed while processing food by modern means and when one eats processed food in large quantities it results in deficiency of sulfur in the body.  Compounds like enzymes, antibodies, hormones and free radical scavengers are affected by paucity of sulfur and any treatment that makes use of MSM for arthritis works as a substitute.

MSM is known to get rid of head trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, scleroderma, arthritis pain and interstitis cystitis. It is MSM that causes permeability in cell walls which enables nutrients’ easy passage into cells and the flow-out of wastes and toxins. This being the case, MSM is a very good detoxifier.

Application of MSM for Arthritis is only to reduce pain by reducing the swelling. When MSM is taken as a food supplement, it produces more insulin. Insulin speeds up the healing of wounds and thereby reduces pain.

Manipulative Therapy

Manipulative Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis, it would seem, attacks wherever there are joints. This means all humans – at least all humans above the age of 55 or so. Well, most of them, anyway. When all else fails, surgery is the way out in modern medical practices. Alternative medicine systems do not require surgery and seek to get relief by other means.

One of the alternative medicines is manipulation therapy for arthritis treatment. Patients who have undergone this form of therapy seem all satisfied with it. It involves manipulation of body parts and their movements, thereby achieving lessening of pain or getting rid of pain. Manipulative therapy for arthritis includes craniosacral techniques, visceral mobilization, strain and counterstrain, connective tissue techniques, massage, mobilization of neural tissue, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release.

Human body consists of muscles and bones and they are attached to each other by tendons and ligaments. It is the muscles that move the body parts, big or small. The muscles, tendons and nerves have all their places of rest and to move in any given way to perform an action. One of the reasons of pain, in an arthritis patient, is when there is misalignment in the general joints area. Manipulation therapy for arthritis aims at re-aligning the misaligned parts by pushing fresh oxygen to there. This helps to facilitate untangling of nerves and reduce pain.

Manipulative therapy for arthritis calls for the “doctors” to palpate the patients in order to find the area affected by misalignment. He/she has to roll the tendons and muscles in such a way as to restore these to their original position. In some cases, help of machines meant for specific purposes are taken to obtain results.  The treatment may take 20 minutes in mild cases. In more severe cases, considerably more time is taken. Results cannot be instantaneous. It is rather a long process.

The basis of holistic approach of manipulative therapy for arthritis lies in the fact that it recognizes the chain reactions that take place in the body as a result of manipulations that the body is subjected to. The manipulations are chosen according to the ailment and its degree of affliction in a given case. All postures of a human body spring from upright position and every manipulation therapy for arthritis is aimed at using different postures to cure the condition. Therapeutic exercises have been devised that have made marked improvement in the therapy and a faster rehabilitation has been made possible.

All different body systems like muscles, soft tissues and joints have been assigned their due importance by nature and they are made use of optimally. Tens of millions of elderly gentlemen seem to be afflicted by some form of arthritis, osteoarthritis being the prime culprit.   While pharmacology offers many different avenues like acetaminophen, opiate analgesics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and tramadol hydrochloride to get rid of pain there are alternative medicinal systems too that are being resorted to by millions of people around the world. Manipulative therapy for arthritis maximum is one of the most beneficial.

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy for Arthritis

Magnets are not only for attracting iron and for myriad other related and unrelated usages like some exclusive operations like magnetic resonance imaging or to make fluctuations in audio speakers. Ancient knowledge about magnets is being revealed in many other ways including in the field of medicines. It is now known that we can make use of magnet therapy for arthritis of various descriptions that inflict man in various degrees.

All magnets have North and South orientation and they attract and repel as the case may be. Human body consists of several “Norths” and “Souths”. A magnet influx can affect these North and South “poles’ within the body in ways that can bring the forces within the body to order and the body parts can be aligned to function the way they are meant to.

Modern medical science looks askance at the magnet therapy for arthritis and other diseases but the practice has been in vogue in many societies around the world since centuries. The simple contention that magnet therapy for arthritis can relieve pain by stimulation of blood circulation does not have any basis in modern medicinal doctrines. To be fair to them, they have had some meticulous experiments done to prove their skepticism of magnet therapy for arthritis.

The Podiatric medicine department of New York College has come up with depressing results when they studied some patients with pain in the heels. They were made to wear footwear with magnetic foil and an equal number of patients were without it. Both groups reported same amount of pain relief. This naturally led to the belief that magnet therapy is of no use at all. The fact, however, is that it does. There are millions of people who follow the tradition of magnet therapy for arthritis relief and they swear by it. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis can all be either controlled or cured by magnet therapy.

There is electricity that is constantly being produced within the body during various physical activities. The electromagnetic fields which go haywire as is their wont during some activities can be realigned by magnets when they are applied to a particular part of the body.

Magnet therapy for arthritis can take many shapes and styles. Magnets can be embedded in bracelets and jewelry. Or, still better, magnets can be molded into bracelets and jewelry. Straps for knees, back, ankles and wrists can be made with magnets. Shoes can be fitted with insoles made of magnets. Mattresses can be interwoven with magnets and so can blankets be. Like the sea can be “demagnetized” by minesweepers to make it safe for the ships that follow the minesweeper, drinking water, in a reverse action, can be “magnetized” to put magnet therapy for arthritis to good use.

The fact that one in 7 homes in Japan and one 10 homes make use of magnets for arthritis therapy, the Americans should wake up to the very reality of its existence and efficacy and go in for it and reap the benefits.


Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims

Hypnosis is usually thought of as some form of esoteric and exotic entertainment by many people.  Some others think it is a lot of duplicity and humbug. You can’t blame them because the shows that show hypnotic acts tend to be that way. There is, however, more to it than just entertainment and duplicity. Hypnotism is increasingly being used as means of curing diseases, alleviating pains, child-birth without the accompanying dreaded labor pains and many other things. One of the many uses of hypnosis is to heal arthritis victims.

How do you use Hypnosis to Heal Arthritis Victims?  Use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims has been in vogue for some time now. A clinical professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation, Joseph Barber, at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle is always using hypnosis to heal arthritic victims. For instance, a patient aged 73 had severe pain in her knee with osteoarthritis. She had been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and unfortunately could not tolerate them.  She sat for three sessions with Dr Joseph and she believed in the power of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims. She was so much better after the treatment and could go about her daily business without any hindrance.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York made an analysis of 900 arthritis cases in 18 studies and came up with the result that use of hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is to be given its place in the realm of medicine.

How does Hypnosis Heal Arthritis Victims?  Subconscious mind, without seemingly so, regulates all the functions in the body and even adjusts heart rates and blood pressure. The positive energy of hypnosis accentuates the “feel” of the subconscious mind by accessing its inner recesses.

The hypnotist establishes this connection with the patient’s mind and the stress that normally accompanies arthritis pain is gradually removed by suggestions. These suggestions are given ideally when the patient is in a mood to receive them, conditioned by the sleep induced by the hypnotist. In this state, the mind is amenable to suggestions. Muscles get toned and this in turn removes the stress from the painful joints and an increased mobility is facilitated in the joints. The reduction in pain eggs on the patient to become more and more receptive to the suggestions and more he is receptive, the more the cure or alleviation of pain.

Healthy new cartilages grow with the help of chondrocyte production and to stimulate its production, hypnosis is used. After all, it is the subconscious that has power over all actions concerning chemical, hormonal, muscular and circulatory systems. And using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims is a natural corollary of all these actions.

Endorphin is a chemical released by body to fully feel goodness in mind and body. Using hypnosis to heal arthritis victims includes regulation of endorphin by controlling its judicious distribution and the flow to the parts that needs the chemical. This has surprising results in that the patient believes that he is rid of pain and in the relaxed mood, what pain there is also disappears.