Arthritis and Disability

Arthritis and Disability – How Can You Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

The matter of arthritis and disability becomes an important one, once you are diagnosed with the condition. You will most likely become unable to perform your work duties as well as you used to in the past. You may not be able to do as much work as you used to. These can be extremely serious problems that can affect your employment and income.

That is why you should definitely look into the matter of arthritis and disability benefits. It has been estimated that the largest percentage of applications for social security disability benefits have come from employed individuals who suffer from arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis. In general, people with arthritis joint conditions meet the general criteria for getting this type of social security benefits. In order to get benefits, your condition must last for longer than a year and/or to be lethal.

However, things are not as simple as they seem. Even if you meet the main eligibility criteria, you have to meet secondary individual ones in order to qualify for financial support from the government. Firstly, you have to be able to prove that you are actually employed and that you earn income from your employment. In the US, the minimal monthly employment income you need to have in order to qualify for benefit is $810.

The more important thing is to prove that your arthritis and disability are actually related. Basically, you have to show that your condition limits you to perform basic work activities partially or fully. In the case of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, you will have to prove that you have difficulties standing, walking, pushing, pulling, carrying and handling. Since the conditions are characterized by fatigue, you may also want to show that you may have problems understanding and performing tasks allocated you and/or that you cannot respond appropriately to some work situations.

In order to prove arthritis and disability, you will also have to show that you are experiencing the most common symptoms of the condition. These include persistent joint swelling and inflammation as well as joint pain. Usually, it matters how may of your joints are affected and how much. There are additional medical social security requirements to patient suffering from specific forms of the condition, such as degenerative arthritis. In general, proving your medical symptoms is the easiest part since you can present your patient records.

You will not get social security disability benefit, if you are found to be capable for performing any kind of work, given your physical and psychological condition, age and education and work experience. Basically, your application for benefits will most likely get rejected, if you have been working in construction, but you are younger than 50 and can sit in a chair for over 6 hours and can perform simple administrative tasks.

In conclusion, it is best to consult an arthritis support organization or a counselor specializing in arthritis and disability and social security before you get to apply for disability benefits. In this way, you will know what your chances of getting support are and what you need to do to keep receiving a steady amount of income.

The Use of the Gold by Intramuscular Injection

The use of the gold by intramuscular injection is a well known method for treating some of the symptoms that are associated with arthritis. The development of the condition is effectively controlled while at the same time the body is given time to recover within the various stages of recovery. The reason for these prescriptions is to reduce inflammation. It will also help to reduce the pain that is associated with arthritis. Apart from rheumatoid arthritis these gold by intramuscular injection can be used to treat psoriatic arthritis.

The proper administration of this arthritis treatment

Patients will start off with the injection on a weekly basis. It is recommended that this is administered at the GP surgery or a local hospital. The gold by intramuscular injection is administered on the buttock. A small test dosage may be used to ensure that there are no adverse reactions from the use of the active ingredients. The content within these injections will come up to about fifty milligrams of gold. As the condition improves then the frequency of the gold by intramuscular injection may be reduced to once a fortnight. There are times where the treatment will be so successful that you will no longer need an injection outside the monthly dosage that is made available. This treatment is capable of being used on a long term basis without any serious side effects on the patient.

It is not common for the patient to react to the gold by intramuscular injection. In many instances the patient will be held back for thirty minutes after the first dose in order to ascertain how they are coping with the treatment. If there are indications that they are reacting badly then the treatment might be postponed for another day. It is imperative that these injections are given in the most suitable conditions and that the patient is comfortable with the treatment. It would be difficult to sustain this form of treatment if there were adverse reactions. After about twelve weeks the first signs of recovery should be evident unless there is a specific problem with the treatment program. It has been reported that gold causes problem with the blood flow and could affect the kidney. It might also make the skin worse in the long run. The doctor or rheumatology nurse should be kept informed about the development in the patient’s condition.

The effects of the gold by intramuscular injection

The adverse effects of the gold by intramuscular injection may include a skin rash, breathlessness and mouth ulcers. Patients could find that their taste buds are not working as well as they usually due.  These are just average side effects but you many have specific reactions that are not seen in other parts of the population. That is why this treatment should be done under the supervision of a properly qualified clinician. It is the least you can to do to ensure that there is a possibility for quick recovery. In the end that will make a difference to the way that you deal with the situation.

Exploring The Various Types of Arthritis Medication

There are some patients that believe that it is possible to select arthritis medication without proper advice or consultation. That is a very dangerous course of action to take given the strength of some of these courses of treatment. The two bodies that regulate this industry include the US Pharmacopeia or USP. It is then complimented by the rulings that are undertaken by the Food and Drug Administration department or FDA. There are also state boards of Pharmacy regulators who help with the management of the quality standards within the industry.

The methods for ensuring that there is high quality medication for arthritis

If a company intends to sell arthritis medication, they have to go through proper channels. There are licenses which ensure that the health of the public is not compromised on account of the potential profits that the drug seller might make. The regulatory functions of all these bodies are not lost when making decisions on how to manage the entire process. The intention was to prevent the sale of poor quality items without repercussions. There were instances where members of the public were getting arthritis medication that was not entirely appropriate for their condition. Companies that fail to live up to the standards will be penalized and may even be closed for business in due course.

Where you are going to get the arthritis medication online you need to ensure that the company has a valid license and that they are following the regulations. It is also important that you follow the advice given by the clinicians. They will have been handling your case and therefore will have a good idea of the things that need to be done in order to help you overcome the symptoms that are associated with the condition. When you have the prescription there is confirmation that a clinician has reviewed your case and recommended that particular course of arthritis medication. You do not need to provide any further information once you have the prescription because it will have all the details that the pharmacist needs in order to give you the right medication for the condition.

Each state has its own rules for licensing pharmacies. You need to ensure that the online company you are using has followed the regulations. If anything went wrong and you did not check the license then the insurance company can refuse to pay compensation. Do not buy fakes or counterfeit medicines because you could get the incorrect dosage. Some of these medications have no benefit apart from a possible placebo effect. It is important that you tell your doctor about the different forms of arthritis medication that you are taking so that they can prevent the negative consequences of drug interaction. The NABP website has some details on pharmacies within its scheme. You might benefit from looking at those details so that you are sure that the company is properly licensed. You need to be wary of any shady deals. The pharmacist is expected to do everything according to the rules.