What is the Best Arthritis Medication?

This question is rather ambiguous because the types of medication on offer at the moment have different uses and dynamics. Therefore you have to find the medication that best meets your needs. Analgesics provide pain relief if they are used correctly. There are some patients that find acetaminophen a good type of medication. Other people swear by the Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS. Therefore the question of the best arthritis medication is wide open in terms of the choices that are open to patients. There are some branded NSAIDS such as Naproxen and Ibuprofen which work very well. COX 2 is an inhibitor which will help you to cope with some of the more strident effects of the condition.

Making a decision on the most effective arthritis medication
It is important that you consider the type of arthritis that you are treating. The first type that has been identified is Rheumatoid arthritis or RA. The second type is osteoarthritis. Both these conditions have pain in common. Rheumatoid arthritis is really an auto immune disease where the body starts to attack its cells. On the other hand osteoarthritis occurs when the joints start to wear thin. There are patients that suffer from both types of arthritis and it is therefore important that they are exposed to the right intervention in the form of high quality arthritis medication. RA tends to concentrate on the joints and to date, the medical world has not been able to find an adequate explanation for this phenomenon. The immune system in general will not be functioning well but the symptoms will be exclusively limited to that part of the body.

In fact it has been found that RA can cause more damage to the joints than any incidents of osteoarthritis. They symptoms that are associated with this condition include fevers, pain, loss of appetite and chronic fatigue. Of course these symptoms are very similar to those seen in other conditions and it is therefore imperative that there are measures in place for a proper diagnosis. The patient should follow the best arthritis medication in order to improve their chances of overcoming the condition. Patients with RA will find that they have swollen joints that are in a symmetrical pattern. It is also capable of affecting the lungs and heart. The patient may suffer from skin rashes. It is for this reason that the patient may be give anti rheumatic drugs or DMARDs with special adaptations for the condition. The course of the inflammation is changed so as to give the patient some relief.

The DMARDs need to be used in the early stages in order to aggressively treat the condition. They can take months to work but that is also true of the best arthritis medication. Patients are advised to stick to the dosage and to get off the medication as soon as it is practicable. It is not advisable to spend the rest of your life on medication. It reduces the quality of your life and might also make the body resistant to further arthritis medication.